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WHDLoad Support-Page

Welcome to the Home Page of WHDLoad, the AmigaOS friendly Harddisk-Install package. WHDLoad makes it possible to install quite a lot demos and games, which were originally designed to run only from floppy disks, to your harddisk.

Download the latest WHDLoad package (old/beta versions, misc stuff)

There are different versions of the WHDLoad package. The USR package contains the documentation and all programs which are required to use WHDLoad installs. The DEV package contains all files from the USR package plus addtional programs, sources and support files. The DEV package is the right choice if you want to create installs for yourself. The USR small package contains a reduced set of documentation languages (only DE, EN, ES, FR, IT and PL). Besides that it is identical to the USR package.
The packages are provided in LhA and LZX (requires this Y2K fix!) format.

WHDLoad_usr_small.lha710833 Bytescreated 2023-05-04
WHDLoad_usr.lha1435307 Bytescreated 2023-05-04
WHDLoad_dev.lha3039016 Bytescreated 2023-05-04
WHDLoad_18.9_usr.lzx1077463 Bytescreated 2023-05-04
WHDLoad_18.9_dev.lzx2470499 Bytescreated 2023-05-04

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Currently in work

the following demos and games are currently in work and may be finished/released in some time


WHDLoad install authors are looking for the following ORIGINALS to create or improve an install for it. If you own one of these games, please contact the person given by the underlying link or me.

Please note that it is usually not required that you ship your disks or cd's, because nearly all can be done via email. Check here for more infos concerning creating and sending images to install authors (thanks to Codetapper for writing this text).

If the install does not work?

First, don't panic, don't swear at the install, don't swear at WHDLoad and don't flame at forums or comp.sys.*.*. It's usually the fault of the games or demos if they do not work and the install tries their best to make them working on all hardware setups.

In fact all installs are written to work with an ORIGINAL, that means that the install will usually not work with versions which has been altered in any way.

Before sending a bug report, try yourself to solve the problem. There are various things you can do:

Although all installs are tested before public release, a bug might have escaped unnoticed. If you think you discovered a bug, write a detailed report of your problem to the author of the install. For this use the bug report form which can be accessed if you click on the author on the download pages. Or submit a report in the Mantis Bugtracker. Try to report your problem accurate. If you get an error requester by WHDLoad please also make a CoreDump (just press the CoreDump button on the requester WHDLoad shows) and attach the .whdl_register file to the issue made in the Mantis Bugtracker. Problems reported via the form on the download pages will be imported some days later to the Mantis Bugtracker. During that process an user account for the reporter will be created (if not already present). All further communication regarding the report should then happen via the bug tracker so that the relevant informations can be preserved.

Please note: if the authors aren't informed about bugs they can't correct them.

Note also, that the reasons for problems are often an different version of the game/demo. Many commercial games have been sold in more than one version (full-price-release, budget-re-release, coverdisk-release, PAL/NTSC version, ...). Of course a install can only work if it has been written for the version you have. If you have a different version of the same game, it won't work. In that case, you have to contact the author of the install and ask him to support your version.

If you have a general problem with WHDLoad or in the case that a lot of installs are not working correctly, please submit a report for WHDLoad in the Mantis Bugtracker. Choose WHDLoad as the project and include you system environment specification as best as possible.

Best viewed with any Browser. If you have problems, suggestions, new slaves please contact me.

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