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The keyboard RAWKEY codes

All keys used with WHDLoad must be specified as raw key codes.

Therefore here is a table which shows all the rawkeys in hexadecimal notation:
Keys Raw

for comparision here is the us keymap:
Keys US

here the french keymap:
Keys FR

and here the german keymap:
Keys DE

and here the italian keymap:
Keys IT

The button codes

Starting with WHDLoad version 16.8 it's also possible to quit WHDLoad using a button on the mouse, joystick or joypad. For this there are special rawkeys defined listed in the table below. These rawkeys are only working with the QuitKey option, not with any other key option.
To make WHDLoad able to detect a button press the option NoVBRMove must not be used, the CPU must be at least a 68010 and the installed program must have the vertical blank interrupt enabled.
The rawkeys are listed in hexadecimal and decimal notation.
Using buttons from a joypad ($103..$10a/$113..$11a) as a QuitKey will make it impossible for the installed program to detect/check/use a joypad. The installed program will think a joystick is connected. This is because of some hardware limitations that the joypad can only checked once during a 1/50 second. So dont use it for games which require a joypad. If the installed program uses resload_ReadJoyPort then a joypad QuitKey does not cause any problems.
The QuitKey used by pressing Reverse, Forward and Play together is supported first starting WHDLoad version 18.4.

rawkey port 0
usually mouse
rawkey port 1
usually stick/pad
Mouse Joystick Joypad Megadrive Master System
$100/256 $110/272 left button fire Red/Select B A
$101/257 $111/273 right button second fire Blue/Stop C B
$102/258 $112/274 middle button third fire
$103/259 $113/275 Play
$104/260 $114/276 Reverse/Left Ear
$105/261 $115/277 Forward/Right Ear
$106/262 $116/278 Green/Shuffle
$107/263 $117/279 Yellow/Loop
$108/264 $118/280 Red/Select
$109/265 $119/281 Blue/Stop
$10a/266 $11a/282 Play+Reverse+Forward

In the WHDLoad versions 16.4 - 16.7 it was possible to use a QuitKey of $73 to exit via pressing the left mouse button. This no longer works in WHDLoad version 16.8 and later. The new rawkey code $100 for that must be used instead.

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