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Lure of the Temptress (Virgin)

download the install packageLureOfTheTemptress.lha
created at2003-03-28
size of install package52322 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Mantis BugTracker30
Hall Of Light934
Lemon Amiga705

Short: HD Installer for Lure of the Temptress
Type: game/patch
Author: JOTD

Install-Script & HD-loader  1996/2003 JOTD

Lure Of The Temptress is  1992 Virgin

--- Lure of the Temptress Hard Disk Installer ---

This installer requires the Lure of the Temptress ORIGINAL disks (there are 4).
The loader now works with english, german, and french languages.
If you've got an unsupported version, please write to me.

This game really needed a HD install. I think it's unplayable from floppy.


- 5 versions supported (french, 2 english, german, italian)
- Decrunch routines relocated in fast memory for more speed
- Convenient installer script
- Nice icon by Frank
- Manual protection removed
- Now can use real fastmem as extension mem (stupid reloc routine fixed)
- Load/saves to HD (tested with all versions)
- Tool included to convert the game save disk to files (ripsaves)
  useable by the HD load/save option
- 'Format' option resets game saves.
- BUTTONWAIT tooltype allows to see the title screen (press LMB or Fire to skip)
- Game documentation included

The loader will quit with an error if your version is not supported

ripsaves can be run either from WB or CLI. From CLI it accepts an argument (0 to 3) for
the floppy unit. (e.g: ripsaves 1 for DF1:)


You have to first 'format' a disk to make saves work. This will create a
file called 'luresave.dir'. Then only you can save/load.


 version 1.4 (22.03.2003)
 - italian version supported
 - source code included
 - fixed install script: now diskimages are called disk.1, disk.2, and so on.
 - fixed install script: special case for german version (disk.1 is shorter)
 - fixed install script: now copies doc & readme

 version 1.3 (21.03.2003) done by JOTD - test release
 - access fault fixed: click on cask (Harry)
 - access fault fixed: pull skull, go through door (Kempy)

 version 1.2-B (10.03.2003) done by JOTD
 - fixed install script. disk.1 was ripped too short -> intro problems

 version 1.2 (around 2001)
 - WHDLoad port from JST slave source with help from Harry

 version 1.x
 - JST versions

Thanks to Walter Geriolz and Thomas Lorenz for sending me the disks (well, next time,
we'll coordinate better).
Thanks for the people who sent the other disk images.

Sorry for the delay but this one meant a lot of work for me. I hope you'll appreciate.


Lure of the Temptress	Revolution Software and Virgin Games	Adventure	1991/92	JW--	3461869

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
LureOfTheTemptress.slave - 22.03.2003 21:35:02 - 7608 bytes
required WHDLoad version11
flagsNoError EmulTrap NoDivZero ClearMem
required Chip Memory512 KiB ($80000)
required Expansion Memory512 KiB ($80000)
info nameLure Of The Temptress
info copy1992 Revolution Software
info installInstall & fix by JOTD
V1.4 (22-mars-03 21:35:03)

Install Archive Content Listing
31040lh59532003-03-25 22:10:30LureOfTheTemptressHD\Install
10710lh58092003-03-25 22:12:08LureOfTheTemptressHD\Install.info
257860lh5104142001-10-19 19:46:14LureOfTheTemptressHD\Lure.doc
10780lh57772003-03-25 22:12:08LureOfTheTemptressHD\Lure.doc.info
24730lh512882003-03-25 22:12:02LureOfTheTemptressHD\lurehd.readme
10780lh57762003-03-25 22:12:08LureOfTheTemptressHD\lurehd.readme.info
46660lh543822001-10-19 19:46:14LureOfTheTemptressHD\LureOfTheTemptress.icon
76080lh546302003-03-22 21:35:02LureOfTheTemptressHD\LureOfTheTemptress.slave
85400lh581922001-10-19 19:46:14LureOfTheTemptressHD\ripluredisk
105800lh5101842001-10-19 19:46:14LureOfTheTemptressHD\ripsaves
56890lh526322003-03-25 22:12:08LureOfTheTemptressHD\ripsaves.info
29410lh529132001-10-19 20:09:02LureOfTheTemptressHD\source\lureboot.RNC
129880lh536002003-03-22 21:34:58LureOfTheTemptressHD\source\lurehd.asm

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