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New Zealand Story (Taito/Ocean)

download the install packageNewZealandStory.lha
created at2016-12-27
size of install package39576 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
JOTD & Hungry Horace & StingRay
Mantis BugTracker241
Hall Of Light960
Lemon Amiga780

Short : HD-Installer for New Zealand Story V 2.2
Type : game/patch
Authors : Jean-FranÁois Fabre / Keith Krellwitz / Hungry Horace / StingRay

Install-Script & HD-loader © 1997-2013 Jean-FranÁois FABRE

New Zealand Story is ©1989 Taito/Ocean


Version 2.2 (StingRay)
- Patch was broken since v2.1 and crashed with access fault shortly
  after the title screen, buggy menu patch fixed
- Copperlist problems fixed

Version 2.1 (Hungry Horace)
- Configuration features for WHDLoad v17 added
- Fixed 68000 specific bug causing a black screen on game loading

Version 2.0 (JOTD & Hungry Horace)
- Code re-written for WHDload (JOTD)
- Load / Save scores to HD (file 'NewZealandStory.highs')
- Highscore saving is disabled if either CUSTOM1 tooltype or the
   original game cheat are used.
- Game now returns to the highscore table after game completion,
   instead of the menu screen.
- After completing the game the round number for game completion
   is entered as "END".
- Highscore table delete function now fixed to three characters
   to prevent overwriting of score.
- Blitter waits adjusted to make speed closer to the original.
- Loop which locks the game where no sound is enabled (emulation)
   is now removed.
- Source Code now included.
- Additional icons by KillerGorilla.

- Tooltypes added;

- Trainers on CUSTOM1 can be combined for multiple trainers:
   - CUSTOM1=1 - Infinite Lives
   - CUSTOM1=2 - Infinite Oxygen
   - CUSTOM1=4 - Enables Levelskip (Help key)

- CUSTOM2=1 enables the "fast cheater" - press any key to enable
   the original game cheat.
- "Fast cheater" now supports both game versions

- CUSTOM3=1 enables two button support
- This operates exactly like the arcade version;
   - Jump is now activated by the second button and not "up".
   - Upwards movement of a balloon or rider is activated by the
   second button.
   - After collecting the Joystick item, or riding the spaceship,
   the joystick up control is used.

Version 1.3 (JOTD & Abaddon)
- Full loading of the game from RAM/HD (faaaaast)
- Convenient installer script
- Two versions supported
- JST and WHDLoad slaves provided
- Possible quit with QUITKEY at any time
- Press any key during main menu to activate cheatmode
- Removes copy-protection check (actually skips this part)
- Fixed by Keith to fully remove the protection
- Blitter waits inserted to avoid GFX problems
- Nice icon by Frank (MWB version by D. Cresswell)
- Hints docfile included

Avoid to quit by a reset: the game is reset-resistant.
Using the quitkey solves the problem.

Type MOTHERFUCKENKIWIBASTARD on the title screen to enable the
   original cheat the early release.

Type FLUFFYKIWIS on the title screen to enable the original
   cheat on the later (common) release.

Source code included in this archive.

Hungry Horace thanks JOTD for letting him be involved in this
   labour of love.

Wepl, Girv and BippyM are also thanked for their general
   help and encouragement.

Further thanks go to Denis for providing the original version
   as a disk image, and KillerGorilla for his icons.

New Zealand Story, The  Taito Corp and Ocean Classic Mame Arcade  1988/89  JW--  915629

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
NewZealandStory.slave - 27.12.2016 21:19:26 - 1952 bytes
required WHDLoad version17
flagsDisk NoError
required Chip Memory512 KiB ($80000)
Expansion Memory0 KiB
info nameThe New Zealand Story
info copy1988 Ocean
info installAdapted & fixed by JOTD & Abaddon & StingRay
Additions by Hungry Horace
Version 2.2 (27.12.2016)
Kickstart name0
Kickstart size0 KiB ($0)
Kickstart checksum$0000
ConfigurationC1:X:Infinite Lives:0;
C1:X:Infinite Oxygen:1;
C1:X:Enable Levelskip (Help Key):2;
C2:B:Enable Single Button Cheat Activation;
C3:B:Enable 2 Button Support;

Install Archive Content Listing
31191lh51301Amiga2001-04-09 19:43:56NewZealandStory Install/Hints
13921lh5876Amiga2009-04-28 23:10:30NewZealandStory Install/Hints.info
9481lh5495Amiga2009-04-28 23:10:34NewZealandStory Install.info
300001lh57636Amiga2009-04-28 22:52:32NewZealandStory Install/Install
7161lh5361Amiga2009-04-28 23:10:38NewZealandStory Install/Install.info
2521lh5176Amiga2009-04-28 21:03:20NewZealandStory Install/NewZealandStory.Frank
43661lh52871Amiga2009-04-28 21:03:20NewZealandStory Install/NewZealandStory.inf
78161lh52009Amiga2009-04-28 22:44:42NewZealandStory Install/NewZealandStory.MagicWB
96451lh56498Amiga2009-04-28 22:27:08NewZealandStory Install/NewZealandStory.Newicon
75531lh55583Amiga2009-04-28 22:47:50NewZealandStory Install/NewZealandStory.Newicon2
19521lh51365Amiga2016-12-27 21:19:26NewZealandStory Install/NewZealandStory.slave
31881lh51604Amiga2016-12-27 21:22:52NewZealandStory Install/ReadMe
13921lh5879Amiga2009-04-28 23:10:30NewZealandStory Install/ReadMe.info
200971lh56892Amiga2016-12-27 21:17:22NewZealandStory Install/src/NewZealandStoryHD.asm

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