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Panza Kickboxing< >Paperboy 2

Paperboy (Atari)

download the install packagePaperboy.lha
created at2015-07-23
size of install package19055 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Ralf Huvendiek & JOTD & StingRay
Mantis BugTracker615
Hall Of Light1012
Lemon Amiga817


--- Paperboy HD install

This installer requires the original Paperboy disk and WHDload.
Paperboy is  1989 Elite.
Paperboy original coin op is  1984 Atari.

V1.3  - StingRay: Patch redone, graphics problems fixed (issue #1060),
        trainers added (see below), WHDLoad v17+ features used, source
        code included

V1.2  - JOTD Coded RawDIC imager (The one Ralf did was lame and did not work)
        Disk imaging must be re-done for that version. The file "bootblock" is
        no longer necessary.
V1.1  - WHDLoad release (JOTD)
V1.0  - First official release (Ralf, August 98)

Big thanks to Chris Vella for sending us the disk and for install testing.

--- Features for V1.3 (update by StingRay, 23-Jul-2015)

- Patch completely redone and graphics problems (game over screen) fixed
- Trainers added, if In-Game Keys are enabled, following keys
  can be used: P - refill papers
               L - refresh lives
               N - skip level (completely spoils the game of course!)

I have updated the patch for this classic game after I saw a recent
bug report on the Mantis tracker. In the old patch there were graphics
problems once the game over screen was shown, this is now fixed!
Additionally I have added some trainers as usual and included the source
code for the patch in the archive.

The game code is really good, except for lots of wrong blitter waits
no major problems had to be fixed!

Thanks to Kevin Werdelmann for bug report and testing.

--- Features for V1.2 (upgrade by JOTD, jffabre@free.fr)

- RawDIC imager. Works.

--- Features for V1.1 (upgrade by JOTD, jffabre@free.fr)

- Game runs from HD using WHDLoad (gave up JST)
- Lots of SNOOP bugs fixed
- Nice icon by Frank
- BUTTONWAIT added to let you see the title picture
- Still shitty disk ripper. I hope it still works.

--- Disclaimer

    This software is provided "AS IS" and there is no warranty
    of any kind, so that you use it at your own risk. The author
    takes no responsibility for any results of the use of this

--- Author

__________________________________________________________________ / / /_
                                                                  / / /
Ralf Huvendiek                                                   / / /
e-mail: kaervek@gmx.de                                    ____  / / /
http://kaervek.freeservers.com/amiga/main_patches.html    \   \/ / /
________________________________________ powered by AMIGA  \ \ \/ /______

Feel free to contact me if you have an unsupported version or any other
problems with this patch.

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
Paperboy.slave - 23.07.2015 17:30:04 - 1404 bytes
required WHDLoad version17
flagsNoError EmulTrap ClearMem
required Chip Memory512 KiB ($80000)
Expansion Memory0 KiB
info namePaperboy
info copy1989 Elite
info installinstalled by StingRay/[S]carab^Scoopex
Version 1.3 (23.07.2015)
Kickstart name0
Kickstart size0 KiB ($0)
Kickstart checksum$0000
ConfigurationC1:X:Unlimited Lives:0;
C1:X:Unlimited Papers:1;
C1:X:In-Game Keys:2;

Install Archive Content Listing
16861lh51347Amiga2001-10-08 00:40:22PaperboyHD.info
37871lh51236Amiga2001-10-08 00:40:22PaperboyHD/Install-Paperboy
18881lh51025Amiga2001-10-08 00:40:22PaperboyHD/Install-Paperboy.info
27351lh51260Amiga2015-07-23 17:48:32PaperboyHD/paperboyhd.readme
51461lh51621Amiga2001-10-08 00:40:22PaperboyHD/paperboyhd.readme.info
25561lh51120Amiga2001-10-08 00:40:22PaperboyHD/Paperboy.inf
3001lh5227Amiga2001-10-08 00:40:22PaperboyHD/Paperboy.islave
187651lh56462Amiga2001-10-08 00:40:22PaperboyHD/PaperBoy.newicon
14041lh5961Amiga2015-07-23 17:30:04PaperboyHD/Paperboy.slave
122131lh53185Amiga2015-07-23 17:29:38PaperboyHD/Source/Paperboy_WHD.s

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