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Wolfchild (Core Design)

download the install packageWolfchild.lha
created at2017-11-07
size of install package40706 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Galahad & StingRay
Mantis BugTracker473
Hall Of Light1745
Lemon Amiga1140

Short : HD-Installer for Wolfchild - (c) 1991 Core Design Ltd
Type  : game/patch
Author: Galahad / Fairlight (gldflt@blueyonder.co.uk)

 This install applies to "Wolfchild"  1991 Core Design Ltd.
 Slave requires WHDLoad V14+.
 Game needs 0.5 MB Of Chipmem & 1.5MB of Fastmem (for preload option and reloc)

 - Original version
 - BTTR version


 - Full Loading from HD 
 - Lame-o-Protect removed (RNC Copylock)
 - Installer and nice Icons by Frank!
 - Quit Option (DEL key)
 Thanks to John Regent for the images!

 VERSION 1.1 (07.11.2017) done by StingRay:
 - Bplcon0 color bit fixes
 - Interrupts fixed
 - Blitter wait added
 - 68000 quitkey support
 - Default quitkey changed to F10
 - Source code included

Hmmm..... not sure about this one!  It's ok, but its very formulaic, and I have
to question why its in 25Mhz?  There isn't a great deal going on in the game!

Usual Knobbylock protection, though this one had 12 modifications made by the 
protection, but as per usual, the protection was as formulaic as the game!

There is one bug in the Intro sequence that I couldn't track down, and thats 
right at the start where its supposed to write the word 'Wolfchild', but it
doesn't!  I'm certainly not going to stress about it..... you'll all watch it
once and realise its still a lame intro anyway!

See you all again! :)
Kindest Regards, Galahad & Frank


Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
Wolfchild.slave - 07.11.2017 13:52:16 - 1172 bytes
required WHDLoad version10
flagsDisk NoError EmulTrap
required Chip Memory512 KiB ($80000)
Expansion Memory0 KiB
info name-) WOLFCHILD (-
info copy1991 Core Design Ltd.
info installInstalled and fixed by
Galahad of Fairlight
Version 1.1 (07.11.2017)
Original and BTTR versions supported
Thanks to John Regent for the images

Install Archive Content Listing
33651lh52156Amiga2002-09-26 20:44:34WolfchildHD.info
110981lh53086Amiga2002-10-17 16:15:32WolfchildHD/Install
26851lh51669Amiga2002-09-26 20:44:34WolfchildHD/Install.info
14671lh5861Amiga2017-11-07 13:51:46WolfchildHD/Readme
43141lh52748Amiga2002-09-26 20:44:34WolfchildHD/ReadMe.info
62551lh52342Amiga2017-11-07 13:46:50WolfchildHD/Source/Wolfchild.asm
61951lh55347Amiga2002-09-26 20:43:58WolfchildHD/Wolfchild.coloricon
89451lh57744Amiga2002-10-17 16:14:44WolfchildHD/Wolfchild.coloricon2
181521lh55511Amiga2002-09-26 20:43:58WolfchildHD/Wolfchild.newicon
199891lh57674Amiga2002-10-17 16:14:54WolfchildHD/Wolfchild.newicon2
11721lh5895Amiga2017-11-07 13:52:16WolfchildHD/Wolfchild.slave

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