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0002480Sinbad[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-08-03 15:592016-01-01 16:58
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem128 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.9
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
Summary0002480: Your ship can randomly permanently disappear. This doesn't happen on the floppy
DescriptionGameVersion: english
SlaveVersion: 1.2 from 07.07.2007

Your ship can randomly permanently disappear. This doesn't happen on the floppy version. To reproduce this, start a new game. Browse the menu and you will note that Straits of Damaron is in the list of possible destinations. Now and wait one or two minutes, then change to another view (eg. city view) and now Straits of Damaron has disappeared from the list (because the ship has disappeared).
Additionally, when talking to characters, their
final answer is displayed only very briefly due to the increased disk access speed; a button wait needs to be inserted.
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2011-08-07 22:36   
The whdload version uses a bad crack. Hence the "bug". This is a clever protection remainder.
2011-08-08 09:46   
Confirmed. Thanks. Maybe a note could be added to the readme pointing this out.
  It still needs a fix for the 2nd issue (insufficient time to read characters' final responses) though.
2012-02-03 16:42   

I had a look at Sinbad and coded a decrypter for the game which you can find below. This will fully decrypt the loader ("LoadSinbad") and bypass the disk protection too. Just LoadSeg the "LoadSinbad" file, then execute the decrypter, flush the cache and jmp into the game at offset $4f0. This should fix all the problems with the game that are caused by the wrong crack. I also had a look at the source and it should be redone as currently 90% of is consists of a (bad) crack patch. Source for the decrypter follows, you have to remove the "+60" because I worked with the executable i.e. I had to skip the hunk header. If you don't feel like working on this patch anymore let me know and I'll redo it.

; Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon decrypter
; stingray, 03-Feb-2012
; early version of the Herndon HLS protection (1 pass)

START lea data+60+$2,a3
    lea data+60+$36,a5

.do move.l a3,a0
    move.l a5,a1
    move.w #$23c,d1
    move.w (a0)+,d0
    eor.w d0,(a1)+
    subq.w #1,d1 ; because of prefetch trick

    moveq #14-1,d7
.loop not.w (a0)+
    dbf d7,.loop
    lea data+60,a0

    move.l a3,a0
    move.w #"Si",(a0)
    subq.w #2,a0
.loop2 move.w (a0)+,d0
    eor.w d0,(a1)+
    dbf d1,.loop2

    move.l a3,a0
    subq.w #2,a0
    moveq #0,d0
    move.w #$1021,d6
    move.w #$fb,d5
    bsr.b .getkey

    move.w #$15b,d2
.loop3 move.w (a0)+,d1
    add.w d0,d1
    eor.w d1,(a0)
    dbf d2,.loop3

    move.l #$3ca,d0
    move.l d0,-(a7)

    move.l a3,a0
    subq.w #2,a0
    moveq #0,d0
    move.w #$1021,d6
    move.w #$265,d5
    bsr.b .getkey

    move.l (a7)+,d1
    and.w #$FF80,d1
    add.w d1,d0
    eor.w d1,d0
    lsr.w #8,d1
    eor.b d1,d0
    lea .reloc(pc),a2 ; reloc entries
    move.w d0,d2

    moveq #0,d0
    move.w (a2)+,d0
    move.w (a2)+,d3
    beq.b .exit
    lea data+60+$4f0(pc),a0
    add.l d0,a0
    add.l d0,a0
    move.l a3,a1
    subq.w #2,a1
    subq.w #2,d3
.loop4 move.w (a0)+,d0
    move.b (a1)+,d1
    eor.w d2,d0
    eor.b d1,d0
    eor.w d0,(a0)
    dbf d3,.loop4
    bra.b .relocloop

.getkey subq.w #1,d5
    move.w (a0)+,d1
    moveq #16-1,d4
    moveq #0,d2
    lsl.w #1,d1
    roxr.w #1,d2
    eor.w d2,d0
    lsl.w #1,d0
    bcc.b .skip
    move.w d6,d3
    eor.w d3,d0
.skip dbf d4,.calckey
    dbf d5,.keyloop
.exit rts

.reloc DC.W $0012,$0015,$002C,$000A,$003B,$0018,$006C,$0006
    DC.W $0074,$0007,$007D,$000E,$0093,$0007,$009C,$0005
    DC.W $00A3,$0005,$00AA,$0005,$00B7,$001B,$00D7,$0006
    DC.W $0000,$0000
2014-01-07 13:17   
Looks like JOTD won't be fixing it, so please go ahead StingRay...many thanks.
2016-01-01 16:58   
Patch redone, protection checks removed properly and 5 seconds delay added to final answers when talking to characters.

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