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0002819Turrican[All Projects] Generalpublic2013-08-23 10:372016-02-09 22:05
ReporterCrispin Tucker 
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem32 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.9
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
Summary0002819: Hardware: A1200 + 4GB IDE CF card, Indivision AGA MKII, Microbotics M1230 XA
DescriptionGameVersion: Rainbow Arts version,English,PAL,1 Disk
SlaveVersion: install.slave - 24.06.1998 02:47:08 / turrican.slave - 24.06.1998 01:56:28

Hardware: A1200 + 4GB IDE CF card, Indivision AGA MKII, Microbotics M1230 XA with 68EC030 40Mhz and 32mb RAM but no FPU, A500 PSU.
The main problem is that I cannot install the game from my original floppy disk (Rainbow Arts, English, 1990). I boot to Workbench and run the installer, I select the Rainbow Arts version and the installer asks for the disk, I put it in DF0: and click the mouse but the installer keeps randomly hanging while reading the disk and the floppy drive stays on. ESC just produces garbage on the screen and I have to reset the machine. I can't select DF1 as I would have liked to have tried from that. I also tried a spare AmigaKit internal drive and the installer still randomly freezes while using that drive.
Using a registered WHDLoad 17.1 but have also tried with WHDLoad 17.2 but again, the same thing happens while reading.
I have a Kryoflux and wrote the IPF of the same version to disk, but the installer does exactly the same thing, it randomly freezes while reading the disk. Tried CPU NOCACHE to see if that would work but no luck.
The other problem, and this is may not be supported, is using the pre-installed WHDLoad version (which is the Rainbow Arts version) that always crashes on Level 2 (after exiting the first level and fighting the end of level Boss, The Big Fist). No matter what tooltypes I use it still crashes (anywhere from 10-20 seconds or a few minutes into the level). Tried using WHDLoad 17.1/17.2 with NoAutoVec, NoMemReverse, NoResInt, NoCache, NoEXP and even booting with no startup-sequence and using the above tooltypes as switches but it still crashes with the following error message:
Exception "Line 1111 Emulator" ($2C) at $CCCCCCCC occured.
The game works if I take out M1230 XA, but can't keep doing that everytime I want to play this game!!
If I could get the game to install from my original disk that would help me check the level 2 crash, installing from DF1: might help too!! So at the moment I'm not able to get this game to install.
Any suggestions/help appreciated.
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Attached Fileszip CORE_DUM.ZIP (1,087) 2013-08-28 17:45

2013-08-27 23:28   
Is this an Escom Amiga (this has a missing disk ready signal)?
For the game crash please make a coredump and attach the created file .whdl_register to this issue here.
Crispin Tucker   
2013-08-28 17:49   
(Last edited: 2013-08-28 18:00)
It's a Commodore A1200 Rev 1D.1 with a Chinon FZ-354 floppy drive.

Have attached the core dump.

The game seems to run OK when NOVBRMOVE & NOAUTOVEC are used, except this disables the F10 exit which I really don't want to happen!!

2016-02-09 22:05   
Please try the new install which also includes a new imager.

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