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0005108TBL_CapturedDreams[All Projects] Generalpublic2021-04-08 09:492024-03-25 12:37
Assigned ToPsygore 
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem4 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.1.4
KickROM46 - Kick 3.1.4
Summary0005108: It seems this demo runs choppy with CPU 68020, but runs fine in 68040 or 60. Is
DescriptionGameVersion: english,pal,2 disks
SlaveVersion: 1.0 from 20.05.2000

It seems this demo runs choppy with CPU 68020, but runs fine in 68040 or 60. Is it at all possible to make it run at full speed in 68020 AGA?
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Attached Files? CapturedDreams11.lha (1,154) 2023-09-03 19:28

2021-04-08 20:42   
The demo has been coded for 030 machines, full speed on 68020 is not possible.
Torti the Smurf   
2023-09-01 16:04   
The Slave has no Cache support; right ?

Because "native" , it runs pretty smooth on my setup
but super slow with the Slave.

Please add Cache support.

Thanks,Respect & Greetings,

2023-09-02 16:43   
The slave enables already the caches.

Make you sure that you have not nocache option enabled somewhere (icon tooltypes, whd prefs…)

What is your setup when running this demo ?
Torti the Smurf   
2023-09-02 20:59   
Hi Psygore. (◠‿◠)

Yup, i even set CACHE as tooltype but it slow as ..... a slug ;)

Mist FPGA latest core (with Chipspeed set to BOTH)
Winuae 1200 030 50mhz config

Its always the same;
its super slow with the WHDLoad slave but pretty smooth when run native.

Like the Slave would not trigger CACHE.

2023-09-03 19:31   
The cpu caches on 030 were set only if there was an enabled MMU.

Attached new slave, caches will be set on 030 without MMU now.
Torti the Smurf   
2023-09-06 22:46   
Makes sense now; i dont have/use a MMU (◠‿◠)

Works now in "full speed" !!

That Saved me, because native the Minimig core froze/stuck at the Dophin Scene.

Thank you so very much Psygore !!!

This is one of those TBL classics that i also saw back in the day and i just
love that Zoooooooom effect. ٩(^‿^)۶

Reminds me of this part in another demo years later ;)

Anyway, much respect, thanks and greetings;
2024-02-12 23:56   
New install package available.
Torti the Smurf   
2024-02-15 23:41   
Nice! Thanks Psygore \(^o^)/

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