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Juggler (Eric Graham)

download the install packageEricGraham_JugglerDemo.lha
created at2013-05-20
size of install package46732 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Mantis BugTracker1614
download images for that installaminet.net

(c 1986 by Eric Graham, All Rights Reserved.

This is Version 1.0 of Juggler, a demonstration program running
on the Amiga written by Eric Graham.

All of the images in this program were generated on a 512K Amiga.

Version 1.0 has several known bugs, but we were so impressed with
the demo that we wanted to get it out as soon as possible. (A new
version is coming, even as you read).  The main bug in the program is that the
program doesn't release all of its memory if it exits due to an
error condition.  This should not stop you from enjoying this program,
just be careful after you use the program.

Before you use the program, you must assign movie: to the disk
that the Juggler program is on.  For example, if you have the
juggler disk in drive df1:, type
assign movie: df1: before you run the program.

(A side note.  The Juggler can be started either from the CLI, by
typing juggler, or from Workbench, by double-clicking on its icon.
None of us (except the icon designer, who will remain nameless) is
happy with the icon.  So if you do a better one, send it in,
and maybe we can use it for Juggler V1.1.

Juggling speed is set by typing 0-9 on the numeric keypad.  Speed is only
changed once per complete juggling pass, so it may seem to take a bit
of time before the Juggler responds to your speed change command.
ESC exits the program.

This program is being made available by Commodore for use on the
Amiga Computer.  We encourage you to copy it for your friends who
own Amigas.  Have fun.

Short : HD-Installer for Juggler demo
Type : demo/patch
Author : Psygore (psygore@whdload.de)

That install applies to "Juggler" © 1986 Eric Graham

It requires:
 - WHDLoad 17+
 - 512 KB ChipMem (+256 Kb OtherMem for the kickstart)
 - An installed A500 Kickstart 1.3 image

Version 1.0 (20.05.2013) by Psygore:
 - Version 1.2 supported
 - Color/NewIcon (created by me) included
 - Uses KickEmu (written by Wepl)
 - Set CUSTOM1=1 to skip screen text intro
 - Quit with '*' (PrtSc)

Here a patch for the famous 'Juggler' raytraced 3D animation demo created
by Eric Graham using SSG, a precursor of Scuplt that he wrote himself.

You can donwload the demo archive here:

Please support the development of WHDLoad by registering.
For more infos: http://www.whdload.de/reg.html

The kickstart image must be located in the directory "Devs:Kickstarts"
and must be named "kick34005.A500". The image can be extracted from a
A500 with tools like 'GrabKick' or similar which can be found on aminet.
If the image is of wrong version or altered in any way WHDLoad will
quit with a appropriate requester.
Additionally the file "kick34005.A500.RTB" must be installed in the
same directory as the kickstart image. It can be found in the archive
"util/boot/skick346.lha" on aminet.

If you have problems with this installation please report them via the
Bug-Report-Form which can be accessed via 


or via mail to: psygore@whdload.de

for full WHDLoad package and other installs refer to:

        or      aminet:dev/misc/whdload#?
        and     aminet:game/patch/

--- (_ __¬) __) \ ¬) ___)   ¬) __¬)¬__) ---
 --  /  _/__¬\  / / /_¬\  --/ _  / __)  --
  - (__/(_____)  /(_____)  /_/ \(_____) -
            (___/      \__/     \__)in 05.2013

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
Juggler.slave - 20.05.2013 10:17:52 - 4112 bytes
required WHDLoad version17
flagsNoError EmulPriv ClearMem Examine
required Chip Memory512 KiB ($80000)
required Expansion Memory256 KiB ($40000)
info nameJuggler
info copy1986 Eric Graham
info installInstalled by Psygore
Version 1.0 (20 May 2013)
Kickstart name34005.a500
Kickstart size256 KiB ($40000)
Kickstart checksum$f9e3
ConfigurationC1:B:Skip screen text info

Install Archive Content Listing
39751lh51792Amiga2013-05-20 10:17:52JugglerDemoHD.info
347571lh58667Amiga2013-05-20 10:17:52JugglerDemoHD/Install-Juggler
37101lh52569Amiga2013-05-20 10:17:52JugglerDemoHD/Install-Juggler.info
171161lh513698Amiga2013-05-20 10:17:52JugglerDemoHD/Juggler.colicon
56621lh54965Amiga2013-05-20 10:17:52JugglerDemoHD/Juggler.colicon2
118411lh56961Amiga2013-05-20 10:17:52JugglerDemoHD/Juggler.newicon
15441lh5803Amiga2013-05-20 10:17:52JugglerDemoHD/Juggler_ReadMe
19901lh51313Amiga2013-05-20 10:17:52JugglerDemoHD/Juggler_ReadMe.info
41121lh52991Amiga2013-05-20 10:17:52JugglerDemoHD/Juggler.slave
18921lh5978Amiga2013-05-20 10:17:52JugglerDemoHD/ReadMe
19901lh51315Amiga2013-05-20 10:17:52JugglerDemoHD/ReadMe.info

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