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Control (Oxygene)

download the install packageOxygene_Control.lha
created at2001-09-18
size of install package5238 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
LOCUST & Graham
Amiga Demoscene Archive299
download images for that installftp.amigascne.org

        - Control       by      Oxygene                 -
        -                                               -
        - HD-Installer  by      LOCUST                  -
        -               Date:   16.09.2001              -

        required memory:        2.0 MB ChipMem
				1.0 MB FastMem

        to quit press:          F10 or Left Mouse Button during the endscroller

        For BugReports or Comments contact me at:


Some comments:

This installer was kind of tricky to create. But now the demo
even runs on my 060/50 with Cache enabled. That means you can
enjoy this demo with some real speed boost if you have the
proper CPU ;)

-- V1.4 comments:

The demo now uses FastMem again. This will speed things up on all
processors, but especially 68020/68030 will benefit from this due
to their small caches.

The 68040/68060 bug in the Voxel-rotator has been fixed.

(These fixes were done by Graham)

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
Control.slave - 16.09.2001 14:10:48 - 752 bytes
required WHDLoad version10
flagsDisk NoError Req68020 ReqAGA
required Chip Memory2040 KiB ($1fe000)
required Expansion Memory784 KiB ($c4000)
info nameControl
info copy1995 Oxygene
info installfixed by Thomas Grundner
additional fixes by Graham
on 16th September 2001 (V1.4)

Install Archive Content Listing
33480lh513181993-01-11 14:48:44Control-HD\Control.inf
7520lh56072001-09-16 14:10:48Control-HD\Control.slave
9480lh54961993-01-11 14:35:42Control-HD.info
38490lh513081993-01-11 14:57:34Control-HD\Install
7000lh53531993-01-11 14:37:32Control-HD\Install.info
10830lh55212001-09-16 14:11:32Control-HD\README
5190lh52691998-07-09 19:21:04Control-HD\README.inf

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