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State of the Art (Spaceballs)

download the install packageSpaceballs_StateOfTheArt.lha
created at2013-10-09
size of install package51480 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Mantis BugTracker31
Amiga Demoscene Archive141
download images for that installftp.funet.fi

	This install applies to "State of the Art" (C) 1992 Spaceballs

	Before you can use this you must install WHDLoad and DIC from the
	whdload package. The tools must be available via the path.

	You need 1 MB ChipMem and 0.5 MB OtherMem.
	You can quit the demo by pressing F10.

	This installation works with the original version with needs 
	memory at $c00000 (fake fast on A500), the one patched by Xtal
	which requires 1 MB-Chip and the one patched by SkidRow which
	supports different ram extensions.
	The demo can be found here:
	original, fake fast:
		aminet:demo/mega/StateOfTheArt.dms  (set 1c)
	Xtal, 1 mb chip:
		aminet:demo/track/StateOfTheArt.dms (set 2c)

	version 1.2 (11.07.01) by Wepl:
	- some Snoop bugs removed

	version 1.3 (09.10.13) by Wepl:
	- support for SkidRow version added (issue #23)
	- problems with quitting on newer WHDLoad fixed
	- new install script
	- more icons added

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
stateoftheart.slave - 09.10.2013 21:12:36 - 3028 bytes
required WHDLoad version10
flagsDisk NoError EmulTrap
required Chip Memory1008 KiB ($fc000)
required Expansion Memory4 KiB ($1000)
info nameState of the Art
info copy1992 Spaceballs
info installadapted by Wepl
Version 1.3 (09.10.2013)

Install Archive Content Listing
15841lh51048Amiga2013-10-09 21:48:48StateOfTheArt Install.info
363251lh59091Amiga2013-10-09 21:43:36StateOfTheArt Install/Install
12581lh5832Amiga2001-07-12 00:25:28StateOfTheArt Install/Install.info
11651lh5599Amiga2013-10-09 21:55:50StateOfTheArt Install/ReadMe
19901lh51310Amiga2000-09-11 00:38:38StateOfTheArt Install/ReadMe.info
123551lh53335Amiga2013-10-09 21:12:50StateOfTheArt Install/src/stateoftheart.asm
107981lh510225Amiga2002-12-21 13:10:42StateOfTheArt Install/StateOfTheArt.colicon
107941lh510357Amiga2002-12-21 13:10:42StateOfTheArt Install/StateOfTheArt.colicon2
116071lh54541Amiga2002-12-21 13:10:36StateOfTheArt Install/StateOfTheArt.newicon
136451lh57556Amiga2001-07-12 00:26:30StateOfTheArt Install/StateOfTheArt.romicon
30281lh51801Amiga2013-10-09 21:12:36StateOfTheArt Install/stateoftheart.slave

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