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Death Sword (Palace/Epyx)

download the install packageDeathSword.lha
created at2004-02-14
size of install package35481 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Hall Of Light293
Lemon Amiga1941

Short:    HD-Installer for Death Sword V1.0
Author:   Codetapper/Action (codetapper@hotmail.com), ICQ: 26051687
Uploader: Codetapper/Action (codetapper@hotmail.com)
Version:  1.0
Type:     game/patch

This patch applies to "Death Sword" (c) 1988 Palace/Epyx - 1 disk. 
Original supplied by Chris Vella!

- Slave requires WHDLoad V16+ and an installed A500 Kickstart 1.3 image
- Game requires 512k chip mem and 256k other mem (+530k other memory for
  preload option)

- Full load from HD
- Copy protection removed (Herndon encryption/checksum/disk check)
- Access faults fixed (x3)
- RomIcon, NewIcon and OS3.5 Colour Icons (created by me!)
- Quit option (default key is 'F10')

The kickstart image must be located in the directory "Devs:Kickstarts" and
must be named "kick34005.A500".  The image can be extracted from an A500
with tools like "GrabKick" or similar which can be found on Aminet.  If the
image is the wrong version or altered in any way, WHDLoad will quit with an
appropriate error message.

Additionally the file "kick34005.A500.RTB" must be installed in the same
directory as the kickstart image.  It can be found in the archive
"util/boot/skick343.lha" on Aminet.

Thanks to Chris for the original, Wepl for the superb Kickstart 1.3
interface, all Action members and the WHDLoad team!

Codetapper/Action (15-Feb-2004)

         Bug report form, full WHDLoad package and other installs:

            ________  ________  ________  ____  ________  ________
           _)       \_)       \_)       \_)   \_)       \_)       \
   __ ___ /___/     /   /_____/\  /     /     /   /     /   /     /
  /_//__// \___    /   /     /CT\/     /     /   /     /   /     /
        /___/     /___      /   /     /_____/___      /___/     /___ __
            \____/    \____/    \____/          \____/    \____//__//_/

           Visit the Action website for more of our productions:

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
DeathSword.slave - 15.02.2004 10:20:48 - 5560 bytes
required WHDLoad version16
flagsNoError EmulPriv Examine
required Chip Memory512 KiB ($80000)
required Expansion Memory256 KiB ($40000)
info nameDeath Sword
info copy1988 Palace/Epyx
info installInstalled by Codetapper/Action!
Version 1.0 (15.02.2004)
Keys: F1 - 1 player game F2 - 2 player game
F3 - Pause/Unpause F10 - Quit game
Thanks to Chris Vella for sending the original!
Kickstart name34005.a500
Kickstart size256 KiB ($40000)
Kickstart checksum$f9e3

Install Archive Content Listing
102710lh578042004-02-15 09:47:34DeathSwordHD\DeathSword.colicon
180710lh589712004-02-15 09:47:42DeathSwordHD\DeathSword.newicon
124900lh543942004-01-10 10:47:54DeathSwordHD\DeathSword.romicon
55600lh535152004-02-15 10:20:48DeathSwordHD\DeathSword.slave
39750lh517982003-09-06 13:42:36DeathSwordHD.info
106800lh528612004-02-15 10:17:22DeathSwordHD\Install
37130lh525712004-01-08 17:05:06DeathSwordHD\Install.info
20100lh59572004-02-15 10:21:30DeathSwordHD\ReadMe
57200lh520312003-08-14 10:45:46DeathSwordHD\ReadMe.info
2320lh5782003-12-30 23:15:36DeathSwordHD\system-configuration

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