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FIFA Soccer< >Fighter Bomber - Advanced Missions

Fighter Bomber (Activision)

download the install packageFighterBomber.lha
created at2009-12-02
size of install package11124 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Hall Of Light525
Lemon Amiga1401

Short : HD-Installer for Fighter Bomber - Activision
Type  : game/patch
Author: Galahad / Fairlight (galahadfairlight@yahoo.co.uk)
 This install applies to "Fighter Bomber"  1989 Activision
 Slave requires WHDLoad V15+.
 Game needs 0.5MB Of Chipmem & 1.0MB of Fastmem (for preload option)

 - 2 Disk Original release

 - Full Loading from HD
 - Lame-o-Protect removed (Copylock and Manual Protection)
 - System Friendly Imager used
 - Stack frame fixed
 - Address error fixed
 - Pilots Log Load/Save to HD
 - Designer Load/Save to HD
 - Depacker relocated to Fast Ram
 - Skip Intro (Hold down Left mouse button whilst loading)
 - Quit Option (DEL key)

 FEATURES - v1.1
 - Memory requirements reduced, only needs 512k chipmem now
   not 1meg 

 A classic game for the Amiga, showing its age slightly, but still a great game.
 99 Designer game saves are possible, Pilots Log is generated on first runtime.
 The language selector never worked because there are is no French text in the game!
 The format option has also been removed, it is unneccesary.
 Not much else to say, other than I would much rather fix 20 Fighter Bomber versions
 than have to bother with 1 more version of Crackdown!!!
Kindest Regards, Galahad of Fairlight


Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
Fighter.slave - 02.12.2009 16:27:18 - 2284 bytes
required WHDLoad version15
flagsDisk NoError EmulTrap
required Chip Memory512 KiB ($80000)
required Expansion Memory200 KiB ($32000)
info name-> F I G H T E R B O M B E R <-
info copy1989 Activision
info install-----------------------
Installed and fixed by
Galahad of Fairlight
Version 1.1 (02.12.2009)
Thanks to Slinka & Yoyo

Install Archive Content Listing
2027520lh531542009-12-02 16:27:06FighterBomberHD\FB_Save
38920lh525912009-12-02 16:27:06FighterBomberHD\FighterBomber.info
22840lh57332009-12-02 16:27:18FighterBomberHD\Fighter.slave
6320lh52782009-12-02 16:29:48FighterBomberHD.info
38610lh512362009-12-02 16:27:06FighterBomberHD\Install
7240lh53672009-12-02 16:27:06FighterBomberHD\Install.info
13440lh57822009-12-02 16:29:18FighterBomberHD\ReadMe
20500lh515842009-12-02 16:27:06FighterBomberHD\ReadMe.info

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