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Frost Byte (Mikro-Gen)

download the install packageFrostByte.lha
created at2001-05-29
size of install package25585 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
John Girvin
Hall Of Light631
Lemon Amiga1447

Short:    HD Installer for Frost Byte
Author:   girv@girvnet.org.uk (John Girvin)
Uploader: girv@girvnet.org.uk (John Girvin)
Type:     game/patch
Requires: Installer 43.3+, WHDLoad 14.0+


    WHD_FrostByte release 0501.1


    This is release 0501.1 of a hard drive installation package for the
    Mikro-Gen game "Frost Byte".


    Requires an original copy of the game.

    Requires version 43.3 or later of the standard Amiga "Installer" program
    or a compatible equivalent.

    Requires version 14.0 or later of the WHDLoad package by Bert Jahn.
    WHDLoad is available from:


    Please consider registering this fine package to help support future
    development of hard drive installers for your favourite Amiga games!
    The trainers provided by this package will be activated only for
    registered WHDLoad users.


    Extract all files in the product archive to your system.
    They will be extracted to a drawer called "WHD_FrostByte"

    Double click on the "Install" icon present in the extraction
    directory and follow the instructions given by the Installer

    The game will be installed to a directory you select on your
    hard drive. You will be alerted if installation fails for any
    reason, please contact the author if this happens.


    Open the game drawer created during installation and click on the
    "Frost Byte" icon. The loader GUI will then be displayed. Use the
    GUI to select the options you require, then click the Play button
    to start the game. Click the Cancel button to exit the GUI without
    running the game.

    The GUI may be configured using command line parameters or icon
    tooltypes as follows:

      NOGUI           : do not display the GUI, start the game immediately.

      BUTTONWAIT      : wait for button presses before continuing at various
                        points in the game.

      INF_LIVES       : activate the infinite lives trainer

      INVULNERABILITY : activate the invulnerability trainer

      INF_TWANG       : activate the infinite Twang trainer

      INF_AMMO        : activate the infinite ammo trainer

    Additionally, the following keys may be used while the game is running:

      F10             : quit game and return to Workbench


    This product is provided "as is" and is used at your own risk.

    The author is not liable for any loss or damage caused by the
    use or misuse of this product.

    When running the installer it is advisable to disable any virus
    checking or debugging software you may have running.


    John Girvin

    E-Mail: girv@girvnet.org.uk

    WWW:    http://www.girvnet.org.uk

    ICQ:    15651883


    0501.1  05/2001
            - first release
            - removed OS calls
            - fixed interrupt handlers
            - removed self modifying code
            - fixed ammo level graphics bugs
            - added trainers (registered WHDLoad users only)


    This product is copyrighted freeware.

    No payment is required to use this product, although donations
    will be welcomed!

    © 2001 Halibut Software. No modifications may be made to any
    files or data that comprise the product without the express
    written consent of the author.

    Freely distributable, provided other licence requirements are
    adhered to. No charge may be made for this product except for
    reasonable handling and/or media costs.


    "Frost Byte" is © Mikro-Gen

    WHDLoad is © Bert Jahn

$VER: WHD_FrostByte documentation 0501.01 © 2001 Halibut Software

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
Slave1 - 29.05.2001 01:41:32 - 972 bytes
required WHDLoad version14
flagsEmulTrap EmulTrapV
required Chip Memory512 KiB ($80000)
Expansion Memory0 KiB
info nameFrost Byte
info copy1988 Mikro-Gen
info install
HD Installer by John Girvin
© 2001 Halibut Software
R0501.1 (29.05.01)

Install Archive Content Listing
139360lh562822001-05-29 01:41:32WHD_FrostByte\GUI
54880lh550082001-05-29 01:41:32WHD_FrostByte\Icon.ci
70410lh547002001-05-29 01:41:32WHD_FrostByte\Icon.ni
24800lh516292001-05-29 01:41:32WHD_FrostByte\Icon.oi
12330lh55902001-05-29 01:41:34WHD_FrostByte.info
65470lh521632001-05-29 01:41:32WHD_FrostByte\Install
16510lh511092001-05-29 01:41:32WHD_FrostByte\Install.info
37900lh516792001-05-29 01:41:32WHD_FrostByte\Instructions
8470lh53842001-05-29 01:41:32WHD_FrostByte\Instructions.info
7190lh53852001-05-29 01:41:32WHD_FrostByte\ReadMe 1st
8470lh53822001-05-29 01:41:32WHD_FrostByte\ReadMe 1st.info
9720lh57102001-05-29 01:41:32WHD_FrostByte\Slave1

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