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Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker (Virgin)

download the install packageJimmyWhitesWhirlwindSnooke.lha
created at2004-10-12
size of install package50627 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
John Girvin
Mantis BugTracker108
Hall Of Light799
Lemon Amiga616

Short:    HD Installer for Jimmy White Snooker
Author:   girv@girvnet.org.uk (John Girvin)
Uploader: girv@girvnet.org.uk (John Girvin)
Type:     game/patch
Replaces: game/patch/JWWSInstall.lha
Replaces: game/patch/WHD_JWSooker.lha
Requires: Installer 44.10+, WHDLoad 16.0+


    WHD_JWWSnooker release 2.00


    This is release 2.00 of a hard drive installation package for the
    Archer Maclean game "Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker".


    Requires an original copy of the game. Four versions are supported.

    Requires version 44.10 or later of the standard Amiga "Installer"
    program or a compatible equivalent.

    Requires version 16.0 or later of the WHDLoad package by Bert Jahn.
    WHDLoad is available from:


    Please consider registering this fine package to help support future
    development of hard drive installers for your favourite Amiga games!


    Extract all files in the product archive to your system.
    They will be extracted to a drawer called "WHD_JimmyWhiteSnooker"

    Double click on the "Install" icon present in the extraction
    directory and follow the instructions given by the Installer

    The game will be installed to a directory you select on your
    hard drive. You will be alerted if installation fails for any
    reason, please contact the author if this happens.

    If you have saved games or high scores you may also install these
    to hard drive using an extra installation script that will be
    placed into the game's directory. Double click on the icon to
    start the script.


    Open the game drawer created during installation and click on the
    "JimmyWhiteSnooker" icon. The game will then start.

    The manual protection has been removed.

    Loading, saving and re-initialising of games and scores to
    hard disk is fully supported using the existing in-game menus.

    The following keys may be used while the game is running:
      F10 = quit game and return to Workbench


    This product is provided "as is" and is used at your own risk.

    The author is not liable for any loss or damage caused by the
    use or misuse of this product.

    When running the installer it is advisable to disable any virus
    checking or debugging software you may have running.


    John Girvin

    E-Mail:    girv@girvnet.org.uk

    WWW:       http://www.girvnet.org.uk

    ICQ:       15651883

    DONATIONS: PayPal: payments@girvnet.org.uk
               NoChex: payments@girvnet.org.uk


    1.00    01/1998
      - first version

    1.01    01/1998
      - added options to install saved games

    1.02    02/1998
      - added support for two more game versions

    1.03    03/1998
      - fixed illegal address access problem in slave

    1.04    03/1999
      - now shareware
      - added suport for another game version
      - added ability to upgrade existing installation
      - improved method used to remove disk protection

    1.05    04/1999
      - fixed stupid mistake that broke all v1.04 slaves
      - improved method used to remove disk protection

    0401.1  04/2001
      - now freeware again
      - moved to new release numbering system
      - WHDLoad v14.0 compatible
      - improved manual protection removal
      - fixed interrupt handlers in game
      - fixed keyboard handler in game
      - fixed access errors in game
      - rewrote savegame extractor to use RawDIC
      - misc. installer script improvements

    2.00    10/2004
      - back once again!
      - uses standard release numbering system
      - uses standard WHDLoad installer script
      - WHDLoad v16.0 compatible
      - rewrote and combined slaves into one
      - fixed access errors in game
      - rewrote data extractor as RawDIC imager


    This product is copyrighted freeware.

    No payment is required to use this product, although donations
    will be welcomed! Send donations via PayPal or NoChex to
    payments@girvnet.org.uk Thanks!

     1998-2004 Halibut Software. No modifications may be made to
    any files or data that comprise the product without the express
    written consent of the author.

    Freely distributable, provided other licence requirements are
    adhered to. No charge may be made for this product except for
    reasonable handling and/or media costs.


	"Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker" is  Archer Maclean/Virgin Games

    WHDLoad is  Bert Jahn

    Thanks to all those who lent me their precious original disks!

    Thanks in particular to "Den of Iniquity" for the original disks,
    drawing a NewIcon for the install and for the chats about sci-fi
    books and so on.

    Thanks to Mr. Lamer/Wanted Team for the checksum code from Archer
    Maclean's Pool, which helped greatly in deprotecting Jimmy White's
    Whirlwind Snooker. Respect and may he Rest In Peace.

;$VER: JWWS ReadMe 2.00  1998-2004 Halibut Software;================================================================================

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
JimmyWhiteSnooker.slave - 10.10.2004 19:28:44 - 3364 bytes
required WHDLoad version16
flagsNoError EmulTrap NoKbd
required Chip Memory1024 KiB ($100000)
Expansion Memory0 KiB
info nameJimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker
info copy1991 Archer Maclean
info install
Installer by Girv
1998-2004 Halibut Software
2.00 (10.10.04)
Kickstart name0
Kickstart size0 KiB ($0)
Kickstart checksum$0000

Install Archive Content Listing
11880lh56612004-10-10 19:28:44WHD_JWWSnooker.info
110870lh528832004-10-10 19:28:44WHD_JWWSnooker\Install
12760lh58492004-10-10 19:28:44WHD_JWWSnooker\Install.info
48900lh515722004-10-10 19:28:44WHD_JWWSnooker\Install Save Game
12620lh58322004-10-10 19:28:44WHD_JWWSnooker\Install Save Game.inf
51740lh530892004-10-10 19:28:44WHD_JWWSnooker\JimmyWhiteSnooker.ico-c1-col
54940lh523182004-10-10 19:28:44WHD_JWWSnooker\JimmyWhiteSnooker.ico-c1-mwb
61060lh533562004-10-10 19:28:44WHD_JWWSnooker\JimmyWhiteSnooker.ico-c1-new
72860lh526302004-10-10 19:28:44WHD_JWWSnooker\JimmyWhiteSnooker.ico-c1-rom
14540lh57182004-10-10 19:28:44WHD_JWWSnooker\JimmyWhiteSnooker.ico-c1-std
112350lh557822004-10-10 19:28:44WHD_JWWSnooker\JimmyWhiteSnooker.ico-c2-new
74160lh569252004-10-10 19:28:44WHD_JWWSnooker\JimmyWhiteSnooker.ico-ex-col
47880lh536712004-10-10 19:28:44WHD_JWWSnooker\JimmyWhiteSnooker.ico-ex-new
85870lh575442004-10-10 19:28:44WHD_JWWSnooker\JimmyWhiteSnooker.ico-gi-col
3000lh52382004-10-10 19:28:44WHD_JWWSnooker\JimmyWhiteSnooker.islave
33640lh527612004-10-10 19:28:44WHD_JWWSnooker\JimmyWhiteSnooker.slave
52240lh521422004-10-10 19:28:44WHD_JWWSnooker\ReadMe
19900lh513102004-10-10 19:28:44WHD_JWWSnooker\ReadMe.info
3000lh52122004-10-10 19:28:44WHD_JWWSnooker\SaveGame.islave

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