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Phobia (Mirrorsoft/Imageworks)

download the install packagePhobia.lha
created at2001-08-26
size of install package53834 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Hall Of Light1047
Lemon Amiga835

Short:    HD-Installer for Phobia V1.0
Author:   Codetapper/Action (codetapper@hotmail.com), ICQ: 26051687
Uploader: Codetapper/Action (codetapper@hotmail.com)
Version:  1.0
Type:     game/patch

This patch applies to "Phobia" (c) 1989 Mirrorsoft/Imageworks - 1 disk. 
Thanks to Jimbo for the original!

- Slave requires WHDLoad V10+ and RawDIC.
- Game requires 512k chip mem (+0.6Mb other memory for preload option)

- Full load from HD
- Loads and saves high scores (unless you cheat)
- Rob Northen copylock removed
- All Operating System calls emulated
- Blitter waits added
- Instructions included
- Title picture now fades in and out
- Buttonwait tooltype for title picture
- Trainer added (press Help to toggle infinite lives)
- Autofire added (press Del to toggle autofire on/off)
- RomIcon, NewIcon and GlowIcon (created by me!) and 2 exoticons (taken
  from http://exotica.fix.no)
- Quit option (default key is 'PrtSc')

If you use the infinite lives option, your score will not be saved.  

You can use the autofire option and still save high scores.  This is
because the game requires you to be shooting virtually all of the time, and
if you no longer have a working joystick with autofire, it becomes very
tedious!  Make sure you switch autofire off after each level and while
attempting to enter your name in the high score table :)

Special greetings to Jimbo for providing this rare original!

Codetapper/Action (26-Aug-2001)

         Bug report form, full WHDLoad package and other installs:

            ________  ________  ________  ____  ________  ________
           _)       \_)       \_)       \_)   \_)       \_)       \
   __ ___ /___/     /   /_____/\  /     /     /   /     /   /     /
  /_//__// \___    /   /     /CT\/     /     /   /     /   /     /
        /___/     /___      /   /     /_____/___      /___/     /___ __
            \____/    \____/    \____/          \____/    \____//__//_/

           Visit the Action website for more of our productions:

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
Phobia.slave - 26.08.2001 14:17:26 - 1608 bytes
required WHDLoad version13
flagsNoError ClearMem
required Chip Memory512 KiB ($80000)
Expansion Memory0 KiB
info namePhobia
info copy1989 Mirrosoft/Imageworks
info installInstalled by Codetapper/Action!
Version 1.0 (26.08.2001)
Press Help to toggle infinite lives
and Del to toggle autofire!
Thanks to Jimbo for the original!

Install Archive Content Listing
11880lh56562001-07-28 17:55:56PhobiaHD.info
40170lh512122001-08-26 12:56:54PhobiaHD\Install
7070lh53482001-08-26 12:34:54PhobiaHD\Install.info
38420lh515372001-08-26 12:33:52PhobiaHD\Instructions
39200lh532072001-07-28 17:54:06PhobiaHD\Instructions.info
81180lh560562001-08-26 12:19:52PhobiaHD\Phobia.enewicon
123930lh5116512001-08-26 12:19:54PhobiaHD\Phobia.exoticon
91810lh584322001-08-26 12:19:54PhobiaHD\Phobia.glowicon
1440lh01441989-06-06 05:20:10PhobiaHD\Phobia.highs
125140lh563292001-08-26 12:59:44PhobiaHD\Phobia.inf
163320lh581572001-08-26 12:19:54PhobiaHD\Phobia.newicon
16080lh512592001-08-26 14:17:26PhobiaHD\Phobia.slave
21160lh510142001-08-26 14:23:48PhobiaHD\ReadMe
39200lh532072001-07-28 17:54:06PhobiaHD\ReadMe.info

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