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Pinball Brain Damage (Mind's Eye)

download the install packagePinballBrainDamage.lha
created at2004-02-23
size of install package61322 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Mantis BugTracker921
Hall Of Light1052 1053
Lemon Amiga2147

Short : HD-Installer for Pinball Brain Damage
Type : game/patch
Author : Psygore (psygore@whdload.de)

That install applies to "Pinball Brain Damage" © 1997 Mind's Eye
It supports floppy disk and CD version.

It requires:
 - WHDLoad 14+
 - 2.0 MB ChipMem (+4.5 MB or 12.4 MB OtherMem for preload option)
 - an installed XFD package (only for floppy disk version)

Version 1.0 (18.02.2004) by Psygore:
 - Nice Color/NewIcon (created by me) and BoxIcon included
 - Stack moved in fastmem
 - OS & VBR stuff patched
 - All file can be packed as data with Propack or FImp
 - CUSTOM1=1-2 (load directly table 1 or 2)
 - CUSTOM2=1 (to remap code in chip memory to fast memory)
 - Quit with '*' (PrtSC)

Additional note:
- This game is originally designed for AGA machine with 2MB of chip memory. It
  runs fine on MC68020 processor with instruction cache enabled.
  It doesn't use fast memory, all the code has absolute address in chip memory.
  This is a main problem on Blizzard PPC card which has slow access in this
  With this slave, it can remap code in chip memory to fast memory using the
  MMU (with CUSTOM2=1) and the game will run as it should.
  This feature works on all cards with 060 processors (on 040 too, but not
  NoMMU option must not be set.

- There are hiscores in this package, just copy them in PinballBD dir if you
  want to beat them (PBD_HS1.Bin and PBD_HS2.Bin).

- You can pack all files to have enough memory for preload option (only 4.5MB
  instead of 12MB), I suggest to pack them with Propack method 2 (emphasis on
  unpacking speed).

Thanks to Tony Aksnes for the floppy disk and CD version, testing, for his box
scans and hiscores, Captain HIT for the BoxIcon.

If you have problems with this installation please report them via the
Bug-Report-Form which can be accessed via 


or via mail to: psygore@whdload.de

for full WHDLoad package and other installs refer to:

        or      aminet:dev/misc/whdload#?
        and     aminet:game/patch/

--- (_ __¬) __) \ ¬) ___)   ¬) __¬)¬__) ---
 --  /  _/__¬\  / / /_¬\  --/ _  / __)  --
  - (__/(_____)  /(_____)  /_/ \(_____) -
            (___/      \__/     \__)in 02.2004

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
PinballBrainDamage.slave - 18.02.2004 23:52:44 - 8004 bytes
required WHDLoad version14
flagsNoError Req68020 ReqAGA NoKbd
required Chip Memory2048 KiB ($200000)
required Expansion Memory196 KiB ($31000)
info namePinball Brain Damage
info copy1997 Mind's Eye
info installInstalled & fixed by Psygore
Version 1.0 (18 Feb 2004)

Install Archive Content Listing
39750lh517982004-02-18 23:52:44PinballBrainDamageHD.info
109960lh528732004-02-18 23:52:44PinballBrainDamageHD\Install-PinballBD
37210lh525802004-02-18 23:52:44PinballBrainDamageHD\Install-PinballBD.info
660lh5462004-02-18 23:52:44PinballBrainDamageHD\PBD_HS1.Bin
660lh5502004-02-18 23:52:44PinballBrainDamageHD\PBD_HS2.Bin
203750lh5187142004-02-18 23:52:44PinballBrainDamageHD\PinballBrainDamage.colhit
200630lh5182162004-02-18 23:52:44PinballBrainDamageHD\PinballBraindamage.coloricon
26450lh59302004-02-18 23:52:44PinballBrainDamageHD\PinballBrainDamage.inf
181680lh580032004-02-18 23:52:44PinballBrainDamageHD\PinballBrainDamage.newicon
80040lh541532004-02-18 23:52:44PinballBrainDamageHD\PinballBrainDamage.slave
22980lh511812004-02-18 23:52:44PinballBrainDamageHD\ReadMe
57200lh520302004-02-18 23:52:44PinballBrainDamageHD\ReadMe.info

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