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Streetfighter 2 (Capcom/U.S.Gold)

download the install packageStreetfighter2.lha
created at2020-01-12
size of install package113899 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Galahad & CFou!
Mantis BugTracker164
Hall Of Light2137
Lemon Amiga1007

Title......: HD-Installer for StreetFighter 2
Type.......: Hard drive patch (WHDLoad)
Authors....: Galahad of Fairlight (galahadfairlight@yahoo.co.uk)
	     UPdated by CFou!

This patch applies to StreetFighter 2, 1992 US Gold
4 Disk version, original release and Kixx re-release

Slave requires WHDLOAD V17+.
Game requires 1.0 MB Chip Mem (+ 2.6 other memory for preload option)

v1.0 done by Galahad
- Full load from Hard drive with REAL files
- Lame-o-Protect removed (Copylock x3)
- Memory routine fixed!
- Load/Save Hiscores to Hard drive
- 2x Access Faults fixed when you beat the last opponent
- Double Buffer Copperlist / Modulo problem fixed
- supported version: IPF 882 (DOS tracks+RNC Longtrack)
- Quit option is 'F9'

v1.1 done by Galahad (28/01/2004)
- System Friendly Imager used (Rawdic)
- All REAL files now stored in DATA directory
- 2x Music Slowdowns removed
- Installer and Icons by Mad-Matt
- Quit option is now 'F10'

v1.2 done by CFou! (16.11.2019)
- Adapted for WHDload17+
- 3 another versions supported: 
  - NTSC IPF 1371 (DMS/Twilight1 format+RNC Longtrackx4)
  - French PAL release (DMS/Twilight1 format+RNC Longtrackx4)
  - NTSC version (cracked)
- RawDic imager uptaded to support 4 versions (IPF 882&1371)
  =>DOS & DMS mfm tracks
  (Warning: need re-installation to extract loading screen)
- CD32 Pad support (custom2=1 to enable CD32PAd suuport)
	- 2 buttons of CD32PAd supported for PL1&PL2
	- You can change joysticks in title screen & controls screen
	- To enable this support in game you need choose 'Pad 2 buttons' 
- trainer included using custom1
  	custom1=1: Unlimited credits
  	custom1=2: Unlimited Times
  	custom1=4: Unlimited energy for PL1
  	custom1=8: In Game keys Cheat
  	SPS: Stun PL2 
	  B: Burn PL2
- restore loading screen (US Gold logo)
- ExitKey for 68000 users added
- Manual included
- source code included
- Colored's CFou! icons included

v1.2a done by CFou! (17.11.2019)
- CFou!'s icons fixed (some tooltypes not removed!)

v1.3 done by CFou! (15.12.2019)
- another version supported
- Fix original keyboard code (caused random freezes)

v1.4 done by CFou! (11.01.2020)
- custom3&4 Tooltype used to replace Ryu & Ken fighters by a boss  
  CUSTOM3=1	to replace Ryu by Sagat
  CUSTOM3=2	to replace Ryu by Bison
  CUSTOM3=3	to replace Ryu by Balrog
  CUSTOM3=4	to replace Ryu by Vega

  CUSTOM4=1	to replace Ken by Sagat
  CUSTOM4=2	to replace Ken by Bison
  CUSTOM4=3	to replace Ken by Balrog
  CUSTOM4=4	to replace Ken by Vega

Thanks to John Regent for disk images.

The game originally came on 4 disks.  This seemed a little strange 
to me, so I checked it out, and now it is installed as REAL files 
because there was a lot of wasted disk space.
Had the programmer bothered, then I imagine it would have fitted on 
three disks with ease!

Protection was a simplistic Copylock which was used as a disk ID 
check for disks 2-4.

Memory routine was rubbish, the old mirror 'trick'!

Access faults were caused by trying to access to high a value for the 
type of instruction:

D6 = $00008340

MOVE.W D6,0(a1,d7.w)

There was two of these, and they were simply to clear a part of the 
screen so it could write the word 'CONGRATULATIONS' when you beat the 
last character.

Fixed a modulo problem with the second copper list.

         Bug report form, full WHDLoad package and other installs:

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
StreetFighter2.SLAVE - 11.01.2020 02:36:44 - 4568 bytes
required WHDLoad version17
flagsNoError EmulTrap
required Chip Memory1024 KiB ($100000)
Expansion Memory0 KiB
info name-+ StreetFighter 2 +-
info copy1992 US Gold Ltd
info install-------------------
Installed & Fixed by
Galahad & CFou!
v1.4 (11.01.2020)
In Game Keys Cheat:
SPC : Stun PL2 | B : Burn PL2
Thanks to Mad Matt for updated
Installer & Icons
Kickstart name0
Kickstart size0 KiB ($0)
Kickstart checksum$0000
ConfigurationC1:X:Unlimited credits:0;
C1:X:Unlimited times:1;
C1:X:Unlimited energy PL1:2;
C1:X:In Game Keys Cheat:3;
C2:X:CD32Pad support:0;
C3:L:fighter for RYU:Default,Sagat,Bison,Balrog,Vega;
C4:L:fighter for KEN:Default,Sagat,Bison,Balrog,Vega;

Install Archive Content Listing
28111lh51853Amiga2019-11-16 20:06:08StreetFighter2HD.info
405571lh510143Amiga2019-11-16 20:33:04StreetFighter2HD/Install
7471lh5618Amiga2019-11-16 20:29:08StreetFighter2HD/Install.info
175181lh56630Amiga2003-09-23 22:51:12StreetFighter2HD/Manual
19901lh51311Amiga2019-11-16 20:29:08StreetFighter2HD/Manual.info
28311lh5689Amiga2003-09-23 22:51:12StreetFighter2HD/QuickDocs
19901lh51312Amiga2019-11-16 20:29:08StreetFighter2HD/QuickDocs.info
34261lh51731Amiga2020-01-11 02:37:10StreetFighter2HD/Readme
19901lh51312Amiga2019-11-16 20:29:08StreetFighter2HD/ReadMe.info
4961lh5261Amiga2004-01-31 22:43:46StreetFighter2HD/SF2.Hiscore
63681lh52055Amiga2019-11-15 18:05:30StreetFighter2HD/.src/ReadJoypad.s
257191lh56877Amiga2020-01-11 02:36:40StreetFighter2HD/.src/StreetFighter_2.asm
169091lh53420Amiga2019-12-15 15:52:42StreetFighter2HD/.src/StreetFighter2.islave.asm
269231lh524353Amiga2004-01-31 22:55:22StreetFighter2HD/StreetFighter2.Boxicon
238441lh520871Amiga2004-02-01 00:33:58StreetFighter2HD/StreetFighter2.Boxicon2
51321lh53483Amiga2019-11-17 16:41:16StreetFighter2HD/StreetFighter2.colcfou
52561lh54518Amiga2019-11-17 16:41:30StreetFighter2HD/StreetFighter2.colcfou2
117151lh511521Amiga2004-01-31 22:57:32StreetFighter2HD/StreetFighter2.colexot
54261lh54976Amiga2004-02-01 00:43:48StreetFighter2HD/StreetFighter2.colicon
4771lh5308Amiga2004-01-31 22:48:06StreetFighter2HD/StreetFighter2.inf
28841lh51559Amiga2019-12-15 15:52:50StreetFighter2HD/StreetFighter2.islave
45681lh52606Amiga2020-01-11 02:36:44StreetFighter2HD/StreetFighter2.SLAVE

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