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Traders (Linel)

download the install packageTraders.lha
created at2003-06-01
size of install package81772 Bytes
(use it to report problems with that install)
Mantis BugTracker782
Hall Of Light1493
Lemon Amiga1596

That patch applies to Traders (c) 1991 Linel, english and german version.

This install has the slave-version 1.20.
It needs WHDLoad15 or higher in the path (eg in c:), and Kick 1.3
in DEVS:Kickstarts/ . 

Fixed:  CPU-dependend delays on several positions.
        Protection prevented the game to work on A600 (except you added
          a numeric keypad :) ). Press some keys on the coin screen.
        VBI-programming error.
        Corrected various translation incorrectnesses in english.
        Kick1.3-Emu avoided various bugs when run with a higher KS.

Note:   Default quit key is numerical *, only for Amigas with 68010 
          cpu or higher.

Known Bug: Minor gfx errors appear sometimes in the intro of the

History: V1.00 - 1997-jul-29 Initial dos fix.
         V1.10 - 1998-feb-09 English version adapted.
         V1.20 - 2003-may-31 Converted to WHDLoad. Some more bugs fixed.

The install is tested on a 2 MB A1200, and on an 18 MB 68030.
It needs about 580 kB Chip- and 350 kB Othermem, additionally
700 kB for preload.

Disclaimer: Install is LGPLed and sourcecode is included. 
        You use the install wholly on your own risk.

Full whdload package:	aminet:dev/misc/whdload#?.lha
Other installs:		http://www.whdload.de/
Report bugs with the bug report form on that page.

Have fun,

Icons contained in install package

WHDLoad Slave information
traders.slave - 01.06.2003 15:38:12 - 3844 bytes
required WHDLoad version15
flagsNoError EmulPriv Examine
required Chip Memory960 KiB ($f0000)
required Expansion Memory256 KiB ($40000)
info nameTraders
info copy1991 Linel
info installadapted by Harry
Version 1.20

Install Archive Content Listing
9480lh54962003-06-01 13:36:34Traders.info
44550lh512092003-06-01 15:36:48Traders\Install
7080lh53562003-06-01 12:38:18Traders\Install.info
4160lh53331997-05-13 23:32:16Traders\LinelTitel1.bm.de
4520lh53651998-02-09 05:34:42Traders\LinelTitel1.bm.en
13420lh57782003-06-01 14:25:30Traders\Readme
20260lh515652003-06-01 13:32:06Traders\Readme.info
1710920lh5675902003-02-21 12:41:52Traders\Traders.de
58830lh514922003-06-01 13:32:04Traders\Traders.inf
38440lh527702003-06-01 15:38:12Traders\traders.slave
58370lh522542003-06-01 15:37:54Traders\tradersslave.asm
20400lh020402003-06-01 14:23:10Traders\traderstexte.en

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