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0005463Batman[All Projects] Generalpublic2022-01-05 23:062022-10-22 21:19
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ChipMem2 MB
FastMem256 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.9
KickROM40 - Kick 3.1
Summary0005463: BatmanCC seems to be broken and same probably can happen on real HW if tested
DescriptionGameVersion: english,pal
SlaveVersion: version 1.2 (15.03.20)

BatmanCC seems to be broken and same probably can happen on real HW if tested few dozen times.
It does blitter clear and then it does music player init, before blitter has finished.
Music player init code writes to same addresses that blitter is still clearing. It is practically +-1 cycle difference between working and non-working state. It working or not working basically depends on which horizontal position code is called (refresh slot positions)
Of course it waits for blitter after init has been done..
Fortunately it is mostly harmless, it only breaks music player (it wastes lots of cpu time), delaying next vertical blank interrupt that sets up bitplane pointers. Result is broken music and broken screen.
-Toni Wilen (from a thread on EAB forum)
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2022-01-06 09:33   
It does not seem to be patched. It probably accidentally works because most accelerators have slightly slower chipram access speed.

Clear blit starts here:

00070554 3d7c 0360 0056 move.w #$0360,(a6,$0056) == $00dff058

EDIT: It also writes something to printer port.
2022-03-17 13:03   
I've had a problem regarding this game as well. And here is how I fixed it.
With the following settings:

Classic WB FULL, WinUAE 4.2.1 . A1200, 68020, 14 CPUSpeed ( 4x(A1200) ), 2 + 8 MB RAM, OS 3.1 , Kick 3.1 , WHDLoad 18.7 .
GameVersion: english,pal
SlaveVersion: version 1.2 (15.03.20)

The game starts but after reaching the F1 and F2 choosing screen, the screen gets frozen and quitkey starts to no longer work. In fact no buttons work and the sound is broken as well. I have to hard quit winuae.
After changing the CPU frequency from 4x(A1200) to 2x(A500), the game no longer freezes at that screen and proceeds without any issues.
2022-03-17 15:59   
Yes, there are some workarounds, f.e. it works 99.999% times for me with these tooltypes:

Name: Work:Games/HDInstalled/BatmanCC/Batman
Type: NewIcon
  SS: 22336
  IT: Project
  BP: 2,0
  SZ: x= 3, y= 14, w= 48, h= 20
  DT: (YES) WHDLoad
  ExecutePostDisk=C:uae-configuration cachesize 0 immediate_blits true

The real bug in the code anyway should be addressed for a real fix.
2022-10-22 21:19   
fixed with V2.0 soon released

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