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0006477SuperTennisChamps[All Projects] Generalpublic2024-05-05 15:142024-06-13 08:06
ReporterRob Hawkins 
Assigned ToPsygore 
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ChipMem256 KB
FastMem0 MB
WorkbenchOS 3.2
KickROM47 - Kick 3.2
Summary0006477: Hi, I hope you are okay. I was recommended to contact you via the EAB forum.
DescriptionGameVersion: english,pal,2 disks
SlaveVersion: 1.1 from 28.01.2005

I hope you are okay.
I was recommended to contact you via the EAB forum.
Looking for a little help. It’s nothing critical but I’d really like to play Super Tennis Champs on my A1200. All other games via WHDload are working with no issues but when I try to run this both via WHDload and also an ADF via on my GOTEK the game gets as far as playing some title music but just has a black screen. I can continue to the game but sound only via random clicking!
I have an A1200 with a Tsunami 1230 card. I removed the card this morning and reverted to a basic 8mb memory card and still the same issue. I have also tested with no card and the same happened.
My machine has an Indivision AGA MK card to connect to HDMI screen. I decided to test without this via the Video port and an Amiga Kit adapter to my 19 inch Benq screen and the game works perfectly so it must be something to do with the Indvision AGA MK3.
One of the EAB replies I received is as follows:
“If I remember right, Indivision is using some registers from space $00dffxxx.
Normally these registers are unused.
Maybe this game using these registers accidentally or specially too?
If this is problem, you can ask WHDload slave author to removing these acceses.”
Is this something you can help me to resolve? I’d love to play this like all the other games with HDMI!
Look forward to hearing from you.
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Attached Filesjpeg working.jpeg (142,119) 2024-05-23 16:16

? SuperTennisChamps12.lha (4,761) 2024-05-31 11:58
zip Manual.zip (3,895) 2024-06-01 17:16

2024-05-23 09:49   
Thanks for your bug report.

Could you try the attached slave 1.2 with your Indivision AGA connected ?

Pls tell me if there is still a black screen or not.
Rob Hawkins   
2024-05-23 16:16   
No trouble and thanks very much for getting back to me.

I have extracted the new slave from the LHA on my Amiga initially got the following error but then noticed it's just the file name of the new slave needed to be "SuprTennisChmps.slave". Once I'd renamed the file it fired up perfectly with my Indivison as you'll see from the image attached.

(object not found)
on loading "SuperTennisChamps.slave"

Will this slave also work for the SuperTennisChamps&DataDisks or does that need a modification as well. It has the same black screen as this one did?

I know you are busy so to say I appreciate this is an understatement!

Cheers - Rob
2024-05-25 09:09   
Thanks for your feedback.

Yes, you can rename the slave as you want. The new name in the tooltypes icon (SLAVE=newname.slave) must be modified too.

The data disks work too with the new slave 1.2, no need a modification.
2024-05-25 17:57   
Is it possible to reduce chipram usage fron 768 KiB to 512 KiB?
Rob Hawkins   
2024-05-25 18:10   
Thanks and I have now tested version 1.2 including the version with Data Disks and I find the following for my two initial issues logged:

Indivision Display Problem:

- This is fixed for me in version 1.2

Save Game Corrupted My CF Hard Drive:

- I can now save the game using v1.2 on both regular and data disk versions.

Quick question when I save a game now the screen does flash a lot and is punctuated with partial clips of the menu sound. Is this expected behaviour?

Thanks once again for all the help so far.
2024-05-30 19:20   
Yes, the flash screen happens when it goes back to the system for creating/saving new files.
Rob Hawkins   
2024-05-30 19:59   
Thanks for letting me know it’s normal behaviour.
2024-05-31 12:00   
Attached a new slave, it will use 512kb chipram instead of 768kb.
Rob Hawkins   
2024-06-01 08:31   
Thanks. A newbie couple of questions if you don’t mind:

Given I have extra memory in my machine do I need this version?

Is this applicable for the version with data disks as well?

Have a good weekend.
2024-06-01 17:19   
Thanks for the 512kb Slave Psygore.

Game manual attached please include for next update.
2024-06-13 08:05   
The game doesn't like real fastmem, some stuff is relocated in chipmem.

The slave uses 512kb of chipmem, it means that it can run on any amiga equiped with 512kb of chip memory now.

You don't need this version but it's better :)
All data version can be installed with it.
2024-06-13 08:06   
New install package available on whdload.de

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