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0005774IndyFateOfAtlantis[All Projects] Generalpublic2022-08-16 20:15
ReporterTorti the Smurf 
Assigned ToProject InfoIndiana Jones & The Fate of Atlantis (Lucasfilms Games)
Summary0005774: Please get rif of the "please insert a disk on df0:" : it confuses People - i saw it happend
DescriptionHi JOTD you freaking legend ! :bowdown

Can you please can get rid of the "please insert a disk in Df0" Meassage ?

It confuses people actually thinking they need a disk inserted in Df0: :)

I saw it happend XD . A friend of mine (he was long gone from amiga) actually thought he could not play that game because he had no "empty disk" in his MIST FPGA AMIGA :)

I know , i know, the actual adventure is just one button press away, but it can

confuse casual players :)

I back then , had it on my Hard disk installed and never saw this message, so it must be a leftover; as if was played from FLoppy disk.

Can you please remove this Message ? ( older Slaves did not have it ) .. it can confuse "casual players" and make no sense at all.

I mean, it is played from HD anyway.

Please do it JOTD, i know you can do this in a heartbeart, you are that freaking good.

Thank you JOTD !
yours Torti; Torti the Smuf

Steps To ReproduceWell, what can i say... It is the best Point & Click game ever made imho.
Additional InformationYou ROCK JOTD !!!
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