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***  19.0 (02.06.2024)
	- fix:	noncached io-operations are again supported to Slave's memory,
		was broken in 18.9 and gave DOS error #63 (issue #6261)
	- fix:	AttnFlags are again correctly displayed in .whdl_register
	- chg:	WHDLoad options are now written to .whdl_dump and .whdl_trace
	- chg:	workaround added for the Slave Update Check via network, now
		avoid local port 1024 because current ISP for cgi.whdload.net
		is broken to accept HTTP requests from this port (issue #6002)
	- new:	if UAE is detected and MMU used by WHDLoad the memory at
		$f0f000 is added to valid memory areas to allow to trigger
		the WinUAE debugger (JOTD)
	- new:	new macro LOG in whdmacros.i to create entries in .whdl_log
	- fix:	options SavePath and NoWriteCache did not correctly work for
		the first action where SavePath was created (ztronzo
		issue #6398)
	- new:	option PreloadSmart added, preloads only files accessed in
		preceding runs
	- chg:	if ShowRegs/K is not specified and WHDLoad is started from
		CLI/Shell it will dump the registers directly into the current
		terminal window now
	- new:	function resload_ReadJoyPort added, reads buttons and
		directions for Joysticks/Joypads/CD32-Pads in ports 0/1 and a
		4-player adapter, autodetect for CD32-Pad, see autodocs for
		further info
		sources/lowlevel.s has been adapted to use resload_ReadJoyPort
		if slv_Version is set >= 19
		a test Slave readjoyport.asm is provided which can be used to
		test the function and connected devices, it will display
		continously the function result for all ports
	- new:	if a button is specified for QuitKey/K/N WHDLoad now checks
		if this button is available on the controller detected on the
		appropriate port

***  18.9 (01.05.2023)
	- fix:	fixed possible race condition when using XPK compressed files
		and multiple data directories, if a compressed file with the
		same name was contained in two consecutive data dirs and was
		the last compressed in the first dir and the first compressed
		one in the subsequent dir it was preloaded two times and the
		second one got visible to the installed program, this has been
		corrected now
	- fix:	the Slave structure flag EmulDivZero now also works on 68010,
		in previous version it always faulted (missing support for
		different stack frame format on the 68010)
	- fix:	DIC option SkipTrack was broken in version 1.2, now fixed with
		version 1.3 (CFou!)
	- new:	new local option ExecuteArgs to supply arguments to the
		scripts/programs called via the ExecuteCleanup/Startup/...
		options, using this it becomes possible to control the
		behavior of the scripts in single install without the need to
		have many different Execute* scripts
	- new:	if started from Workbench WHDLoad now opens a window
		CON:////WHDLoad .../AUTO/CLOSE/WAIT for the ExecuteCleanup and
		ExecuteStartup scripts which opens if there is any output
	- chg:	option Cache/S can also be specified in the global
		configuration file (Tomaz)
	- new:	the kick13 emulation now also supports the WHDCtrl resident
		command which can be used to quit WHDLoad, because the boot
		CLI under 1.3 does not run resident commands a patch has been
		implemented to add this feature (Hexaae)
	- fix:	now resload_ListFiles is able to list the install root
		directory also when listing from cached files, this was broken
		since the introduction of the feature to list cached files in
		release 18.7, which broke for example Gauntlet3 (issue #6077)
	- fix:	depending on the already used chip memory WHDLoad has
		corrupted read/write data (all io related Resload functions),
		if the file cache feature wasn't used (NoWriteCache or
		NoFileCache set), this may have corrupted saved data! this bug
		has been introduced in WHDLoad release 18.4, thanks to DJ Mike
		for reporting/testing (issue #6078)
	- chg:	the options ExecutePostDisk and ExecutePreDisk are now working
		as intended/documented, previously they were called only once
		(issue #5880)
	- fix:	RawDIC has been updated to version 6.1 which fixes
		compatibility with imager slaves which used DoubleInc and one
		track too much in the tracklist (e.g. Beast)
	- fix:	made EmulChk working on 68010 (issue #6137)

***  18.8 (28.05.2022)
	- fix:	new created files in sub directories which are cached are now
		correctly reported via Examine (issue #5536)
	- fix:	when new created cached files are deleted WHDLoad no longer
		tries to delete them on disk
	- chg:	the memory of detected freezers is now cachable if MMU is used
	- new:	the gadgets in the splash window can be controlled via
		keyboard and joystick now, up/down selects the gadgets via
		mouse move and left/right switches the gadgets

***  18.7 (15.12.2021)
	- new:	if a kickstart is requested by the Slave (ws_kickname) and the
		current default	keymap is different from default Kickstart
		keymap (usa/usa1) WHDLoad provides the current default keymap
		as a virtual file called 'WHDLoad.keymap'
		kickemu kick13.s and kick31.s got a new option called
		SETKEYBOARD which loads and activates the 'WHDLoad.keymap'
	- fix:	avoid a possible crash if no kickstart image could be found
	- chg:	the check for a read-only filesystem to ignore write
		operations now checks the first data directory instead the
		current directory of WHDLoad
	- new:	sources/whdload/lowlevel.s has been added to be used with
		kickemu, it is based on the OS3.1 lowlevel.library and provides
		a way to avoid the disk based library and save some memory, the
		kickemu option INIT_LOWLEVEL uses it now instead loading the
		disk based library
	- fix:	corrected the key repeat fix in kick31.s
	- chg:	resload_ListFiles no longer requires a switch to the OS if
		Preload	was able to cache all files by using the file cache to
		fill the buffer with filenames
	- new:	support for virtual filesystem plugins (VFS) added,
		if one of the Data/K objects specified is not a directory but
		a file WHDLoad will attempt to load PROGDIR:WHDLoad.VFS and
		uses this interface to load data for such data objects, the
		VFS-ABI/API is described in "include/whdvfs.i", a VFS
		implementation which currently supports lha and zip-archives
		can be obtained from http://github.com/temisu/WHDLoadArchiveFS
		Thanks a lot to Teemu Suutari for his great work!
		VFS objects are always read-only for WHDLoad, so either use
		SavePath/K or a first data directory which isn't VFS to
		allow WHDLoad to save something
	- fix:	cursor down in the CLI usage message is working again in the
		standard AmigaShell (issue #5146)
	- chg:	DIC 1.2: if a track has a read error and option Skip is active
		and the device is controlled by trackdisk.devices, DIC
		switches to sector reads now to be able to read more good data
		in case not all sectors on this track are unreadable
	- chg:	WHDLoad now returns with an error code = 5 if the Preload
		operation has been canceled by pressing the Esc key while
		the splash window is open (issue #5171)
	- chg:	a new option NoWriteInfo/N has been added as local and global
		option, if set WHDLoad will not update/write any .info
		files (issue #5153)
	- chg:	WHDLoad now resets custom.serper on exit to stop a possible
		MIDI/MT32 playback via the serial line (JOTD)
	- new:	option WriteCache/S added to overwrite global option
		NoWriteCache/S (issue #5263)
	- new:	WHDLoad is now able to cache also write operations to new
		created files or existing files which grow in size. For that
		the option PreLoad must be active and there must be enough
		memory available to preload all files. WHDLoad will then
		allocate the largest free memory block remaining and use this
		memory to dynamically cache new files or growing existing
		files. The cached files are written to disk on WHDLoad exit.
	- new:	kickemu kick31.asm can be enabled to activate an internal
		resident command WHDCtrl which can be used to quit WHDLoad
	- upd:	the documentation for czech, dansk and french are in sync
		again; thanks to all translators: Manel Beltrán, Bored Seal,
		Bruno Skjold Andersen, Miguel Dilaj, Mikko Heinonen, Psygore,
		Marius Danilewicz

***  18.6 (22.09.2020)
	- new:	WHDLoad now disables interrupts of graphics cards under
		the Picasso96 software. This should solve problems with
		Spectrum cards and newer P96 releases (issue #2598). Thanks
		to Thomas Richter for providing useful information.
	- upd:	Manual translations are in sync again for catalan and czech.
	- new:	Kickemu kick31.s can be instructed to load/init the custom
		nonvolatile.s via option INIT_NONVOLATILE.
	- fix:	nonvolatile.s now correctly works on searching nonexistent
		items in a existing nvram file
	- chg:	In kickemu kick13.s a waitblit has been added to avoid
		problems with the gfx.Text patch (Psygore).
	- chg:	The provided source keyboard.s now uses cia timers instead the
		raster beam for the keyboard acknowledge delay.
	- fix:	Access faults of size word to address -1 and of size long to
		addresses -3..-1 are now reliable detected and reported.
		In earlier releases: on 68030: when ExpMem was used these were
		undetected, on 68040: when ExpMem was used and vector base was
		not write protected (e.g. Freezer detected, Snoop*,
		resload_Protect	used) these were undetected, if vector base
		was protected a	fault inside WHDLoad was reported, on 68060:
		these were always correctly reported
	- chg:	To reduce the likelihood that resload functions get
		interrupted by other calls to resload functions, some resload
		functions which usually take not much execution time, have
		been changed to be not interruptible anymore.
		The following resload functions have been changed that way:
		Abort, SetCACR, FlushCache, Control, Protect#?, SetCPU,
		GetCustom, VSNPrintF and Log.
		In general the option NoResInt/S can be used to avoid problems
		with interrupted resload calls at the cost of possible sound/
		graphics distortions when interrupts are disabled for a longer
	- chg:	The provided source sources/whdload/savegame.s is now fully
		pc-relative. It contains also additional fixes for interrupt
		acknowledge and AGA compatibility (JOTD/ross).
	- chg:	The inplace decruncher for the old RNC1 format has been
		improved to support files which need a larger distance
	- chg:	The kick31.s now prefers a A600 kickstart image if NO68020 is
		set. It fails now if there is only a 68000/010 and a
		A1200/A4000 kickstart image was loaded (JOTD).
	- fix:	When using kickfs.s the dos.library function
		Open(MODE_READWRITE) now performs correctly on Kickstart 3.1
		by creating a non-existent file. On Kickstart 1.3 the old
		behavior remains to not create a file.
	- chg:	If a call to resload_Examine is attempted without the flag
		WHDLF_Examine has been set in the Slave structure WHDLoad now
		terminates with an appropriate error message (JOTD).
	- chg:	The kickemu kick12.s, kick13.s and kick31.s has been modified
		to automatically set the Slave flag WHDLF_Examine if HDINIT is
		set (JOTD).
	- chg:	When using resload_Relocate with tags CHIPPTR/FASTPTR and the
		specified chip/fast memory location would result in an
		overlapping with base executable WHDLoad now gives a useful
		error message (JOTD).
	- fix:	Instead of waiting for a long video frame WHDLoad now forces a
		long frame before starting the Slave. This fixes startup
		problems on Kickstart 3.0 and an interlace video mode
		(issue #4798).
	- chg:	MMU-table creation has been reworked. It is now faster and
		uses less memory.
	- new:	Support for ACA-freezer added.
	- chg:	if "*" is specified for the Slave to load WHDLoad searchs the
		current directory for a file with the pattern "#?.slave" and
		will use the first file matching (Toni Wilen)

***  18.5 (09.03.2019)
	- fix:	due bug in memory swap routine 18.4 crashed on returning to
		the os, this has been fixed (issue #4084)

***  18.4 (20.02.2019)
	- fix:	option NoReq/S has also effect now for errors occuring in
		conjunction with option Data/K (issue #3690)
	- fix:	patch list command PL_GA fixed in the WHDLoadCD32
	- fix:	fixed wrong results with resload_ExNext introduced in 18.3,
		e.g. game Ork Attack (Psygore)
	- fix:	in version 18.3 a CMD_STOP/FLUSH/START of input.device was
		added, this seems to cause problems on some configurations,
		to avoid them the code has been removed again
	- chg:	cpu cache handling in kickemu changed, there are new options
		CACHECHIP and CACHECHIPDATA, the behavior of option CACHE has
		been reverted to pre WHDLoad release 18.3, with option CACHE
		all caches are enabled for expansion memory if MMU is used,
		with option CACHECHIP the instruction cache will be enabled
		for all memory independent from from WHDLoad's MMU usage,
		option CACHECHIPDATA will enable data and instruction cache
		for all memory, if no CACHE* option is set the cache are
		disabled now, in previous releases the cache setup wasn't
		modified which resulted in WHDLoad's default cache setup where
		inst/data cache is enabled for ExpMem/Slave if MMU used -
		similar to option option CACHE where additionally the 68060
		stuff is enabled (branch cache, superscalar, write buffer),
		please consult also the provided kick.readme
	- chg:	kickemu kick13.s has been modified to work with data cache in
		chip memory, gfx.Text now uses the cpu to clear the temporary
		buffer instead the blitter
	- new:	macro PL_STR0 added to the patch list commands which will
		write the given string plus a 0-byte to the destination
	- new:	italian keymap added to the docs (thanks Luca Longone)
	- fix:	kickfs: with IOCACHE to order of writes is now preserved, in
		previous releases it was not, which could cause switches to
		the operation system on resload_SaveFileOffset because offsets
		outside the current filesize
	- chg:	if SplashDelay=0 and ConfigDelay>0 the splash window is
		opened if there is a config (Juuso Salmijärvi)
	- chg:	the local option Config now overwrites a config string
		contained in the Slave
	- chg:	option Preload/S can also be used in the global configuration
	- fix:	using Snoop on the 68030 the fire button bits in cia.ddra can
		be set to output mode now (reading joypad), previously this
		was only allowed on 68040/60 (StingRay)
	- chg:	BaseMemory is now allocated in possible three parts to reduce
		memory requirements if higher areas of chip memory are already
		used by the system
	- new:	a segtracker modul has been added to all kickemu variants,
		equal to the known utility SegTracker by Michael Sinz this
		will track all loaded executables, WHDLoad will use this
		information to display name and offset in all error messages,
		this will make it easier to locate causes for malfunctions in
		kickemu installed programs
	- chg:	the calculation of exec.ChkSum in kick12/13.s has been fixed
	- fix:	if SegTracker was used and no matching segment was found
		WHDLoad displayed sometimes some garbage, this has been fixed
	- chg:	all the sources provided by JOTD has been updated to the
		latest level, nonvolatile.s has been removed because the
		sources are now using the nonvolatile.s provided by WHDLoad,
		thanks to JOTD
	- chg:	WHDLoadGCI allows now opening a new memory window from the
		address under the cursor in a memory window, a bug in partial
		extraction of Base/ExpMemory has been fixed
	- chg:	a patch has been added to all kickemus to disable the key
		repeat of the input.device after a switch to the operating
		system, this should avoid problems on first time save
		operations triggered by a keypress
	- new:	the splash window can also be closed now pressing the fire
		button on the joystick in port #1
	- new:	a new special quit key has been added which quits by pressing
		Reverse, Forward and Play together on a joypad
	- chg:	WHDLoad no longer tries to open the audio.device, there was
		not much benefit from it and to leave it avoids any requesters
		if already open by another application

***  18.3 (06.04.2017)
	- chg:	don't check for read-only-filesystem if option SavePath is
		used (issue #3355)
	- fix:	if option SavePath is used and the save path is not yet
		created WHDLoad will no longer try to delete files in the
		normal data directories if resload_DeleteFile is called
	- fix:	resload_SaveFileOffset now correctly works on files which are
		not preloaded and not yet present in the SavePath, in older
		releases dos error #203 was reported (issue #3355)
	- chg:	the behavior of the option CACHE in kickemu
		(sources/whdload/kick*.s) has been changed, previously it set
		the chip memory non cacheable (NC) now it sets it cacheable
		write-through (WT), recompiling Slaves using this option will
		change this for the resulting Slaves, for machines with cpu
		caches and no MMU otherwise no caches are enabled at all by
	- chg:	splash window corrected for non standard window borders
		(Mikhail Malyshev)
	- fix:	resload_DeleteFile reworked, no longer supports deleting
		directories, delete operation is cached if file was preloaded,
		now correctly works together with SavePath/K option
	- chg:	checking for a read-only filesystem is performed after
		executing a possible ExecuteStartup now (Stephane Julien)
	- chg:	kickemu now uses the host system bplcon0 to init gb_bplcon0,
		this should preserve genlock/lace setup (issue #2858),
		WHDLoad itself also use gb_bplcon0 for the initial custom
	- fix:	the interrupt redirect feature of ACA now correctly works with
		programs depending on the supervisor bit in the interrupt
		stack frame, this should fix problems with install using the
		kickstart emulation (Toni Wilen)
	- chg:	on 68060 the store/load bypass is no longer disabled if the
		cpu revision is >= 5
	- new:	support for Vampire/Apollo added, will be detected as 68040
		now (older WHDLoad detected a 68020 because the presence of
		MSP and CAAR registers), MMU is always disabled
	- fix:	kickemu now correctly enables the fpu via resload_SetCPU if
		NEEDFPU is set

***  18.2 (23.12.2015)
	- chg:	the WHDLoad install script speaks german now
	- fix:	some small fixes in the Autodoc file (Psygore)
	- fix:	small fix in the supplied ITD program to avoid problems while
		detecting the destination device
	- new:	RoadShow added to the example Startup/Cleanup scripts
	- fix:	dumping of loaded files via resload_DiskLoad was broken
	- fix:	due to small internal buffer the argument parsing when started
		from the CLI did not detect a bad argument (Psygore)
	- fix:	the blitter wait check (ChkBlitWait/S) now resets the internal
		run flag also at word reads to dmaconr on the 68030,
		previously only bytes did that (StingRay)
	- chg:	WHDLoad no longer requests a keyfile and it is no longer
		possible to register WHDLoad, if you have a keyfile it is
		still loaded/checked and your name will be displayed in the
		splash window, Thanks to all registered users!

***  18.1 (19.04.2015)
	- new:	update check added: when a network connection is available
		WHDLoad will check via a HTTP request if a newer version
		exists on the WHDLoad webpage for the used Slave and WHDLoad,
		supports a proxy with optional basic authentication via option
		Proxy/K, to disable any network access the option NoNetwork/S
		can be used
		uses sha256 implementation by Robert Leffmann, thanks!
	- chg:	dumping loaded files using bit #31 set in the disk number via
		resload_DiskLoad will now use the offset in ExpMem in the
		created file name, also the written files will go through the
		file cache to avoid recurring switches to the operating system

***  18.0 (04.12.2014)
	- fix:	WHDLoad lock up happen when FullChip/S is used and
		exec.MaxLocMem is equal to BaseMemSize fixed
	- fix:	ExpChip/S and FullChip/S cannot be enabled together, if both
		are set FullChip/S will be silently disabled (Psygore)
	- chg:	option NoTrapHandler/S has been removed
	- fix:	race condition fixed which sometimes caused a 'Privilege
		Violation Exception' when a Resload function was called from
		Usermode and got interrupted during the internal switch to
		Supervisor mode and then trace exception was used from the
		installed program, seen especially in installs using kick13
		emu and performing a lot of disk io, fixes issue #2094 and
		connected ones
	- chg:	the log file created by the FileLog/S facility has been
		renamed from .whdl_filelog to .whdl_log
	- new:	function resload_Log which puts custom messages into the log
		file .whdl_log, uses the same file as the FileLog/S facility
		and requires that FileLog/S option is set so that messages
		will be written
		this function is intended to make it easier to debug/follow
		alien code by adding trace messages to dump the execution
		state at useful places
	- new:	option LogBuffer/K/N to control the size of the internal
		buffer allocated for log messages by FileLog/S and
	- new:	function resload_VSNPrintF implementing a exec.RawDoFmt/
		sprintf	like string formatting routine
	- new:	kickfs.s has new option SNOOPFS which will cause in
		conjunction with HDINIT all dos packets after processing to
		be logged using resload_Log, the supplied perl script
		chkunlock.pl can be used to search the log file for missing
		dos.UnLock and dos.Close calls
	- new:	using the function resload_Control and the tags
		registers for Snoop*/S can be modified now
	- chg:	ReSource support files updated to cover recent WHDLoad
	- new:	added XAD support to the installer template script
	- chg:	external program SP to save pictures from dump files has been
		improved to better support AGA screens (ddf, fmode, bplcon)
	- chg:	on the 68030 the instruction burst is now always enabled if
		the instruction cache is enabled (Psygore)
	- chg:	the 68040 processor is now fully supported regarding the
		special mmu features (Snoop, resload_Protect), the
		implementation was planned since years, it was a lot of work
		because	the handling is very different to the 68030 und 68060,
		although I'm unsure if this feature will be used much, I'm
		happy to have it completed now
	- chg:	option ChkAudPt/S is also supported on the 68030 and 68040 now
	- chg:	the interrupt redirect feature of ACA500/Zeus is not used when
		option NoVBRMove/S is set
	- chg:	PreloadSize/N will also be set by WHDLoad if ws_DontCache is
		used in the Slave
	some more end user related improvements are planned for the next
	release :-)

***  17.2 (01.12.2013)
	- fix:	cancelling directory preload (in the splash window pressing
		Esc or changing a option forcing restart) could cause memory
		list corruption
	- new:	support for Zeus68k pseudo vbr added, allows to quit by key
		similar like a moved vector base, but only on interrupts not
		on exceptions
	- new:	on AGA machines all color registers are read from the custom
		chips and written to the dump file
	- fix:	WHDLoadCD32 works again with resload_DiskLoad, was broken in
		version 17.1 (issue #2633)
	- chg:	utility ITD can now read files larger than 4 GiB (e.g. on
		SFS\2) and write to larger devices using TD64
	- chg:	alignment for patch lists (resload_Patch/Seg) is now verified
		by WHDLoad to avoid problems on 68000/10
	- chg:	the check for valid custom.aud*ptr introduced in version 17.1
		can now be enabled via the new option ChkAudPt/S
	- fix:	on Kickstart 2.0 (V37) option NoMemReverse/S is now always
		active to avoid problems which could lead to freezing during
		Preload or other memory allocations
	- chg:	memory allocations improved if NoMemReverse/S is active, now
		these will succeed also if memory below BaseMemSize is free
		by trying to allocate until memory is above
	- fix:	preload progress bar fixed on Kickstart 2.0 (V37), was using
		a V39 only utility.library function
	- new:	added IF/ELSE/ENDIF conditional blocks to patch lists to
		simplify the handling of patches depending on ButtonWait/S and
		Custom1-5/N options (resload_Patch/Seg)
	- chg:	detection of HRTmon builtin WinUAE improved to support if MMU
		protection is enabled with WHDLoad (CFou!)
	- chg:	options NTSC/PAL can be set global and local now, where the
		local one (CLI/Tooltype) will overwrite the global one
		(configuration file S:WHDLoad.prefs)
	- new:	WHDLoad now sets the screen mode in HRTmon to the video mode
		specified for the installed program, with that HRTmon will
		always uses the same video mode (PAL/NTSC) as WHDLoad, for
		correct operation at least HRTmon version 2.35 is required
	- chg:	audio.device is only opened when present in execs device list,
		this saves some memory if it isn't initilized already
	- chg:	install script template now supports also the diskimage
		device by Fredrik Wikstrom (Psygore)
	- chg:	option FullChip/S can also set globally now
	- new:	support for interrupt vector redirect feature of ACA500 on
		68000 added
	- chg:	added a kludge to preserve the largest free memory block until
		PreLoad in situations where multiple small free blocks are
		available to increase the likelihood of being able to cache a
		large disk image

***  17.1 (06.10.2012)
	- fix:	formatting of termination reason string in register dump fixed
		on very long texts (Psygore)
	- fix:	if the vbr is moved by WHDLoad the interrupts of levels 4-6
		(vectors $70..$78) are directly forwarded to the installed
		program now, in previous releases all the sanity checks and
		checks for the keyboard were done in each interrupt which has
		increased the latency and duration of the interrupts, now
		these checks are only performed in interrupt levels 1-3 or
		if the option CheckInts/S is used for all levels
		it seems that the increased amount of code put into the
		interrupts by the later WHDLoad versions has caused problems
		with several games, this is hopefully fixed now and these
		games will work with the current WHDLoad as good as with
		versions 16.8 or 16.9
	- fix:	on a 68020 the default cache setup was instruction cache
		enable, this bug has been introduced in version 17.0, now the
		default is again disabled (Toni Wilen)
	- chg:	the icon started from is only written if any gadget has been
		pressed, previously it were written everytime if Config or
		Expert was active (Graham)
	- fix:	prevented a bug when FileLog/S will be disabled via the splash
	- new:	resload_DiskLoad can now dump all read files, see autodoc
	- new:	SnoopOCS/ECS/AGA/S checks also that writes to custom.aud*ptr
		are not outside BaseMem and are not equal zero, check is only
		performed on 68060 (Psygore)
	- chg:	WHDLoad now detects a filesize difference between the
		directory scan used for resload_Examine/ExNext requested by
		WHDLF_Examine and the file Preload, this may reveal filesystem
		problems in conjunction with dos.ExAll, e.g. ffs 39.x
		(issue #2575)
	- chg:	documentation regarding patch lists in include and autodoc
		files improved
	- fix:	on chip memory only machines with Kickstart 3.0 or better
		slaves with WHDLF_Examine failed on building the directory
		cache due problems with exec.CreatePool (Psygore)

***  17.0 (14.08.2011)
	- chg:	documentation about Snoop feature now explains in detail which
		cia registers are checked in which way (StingRay)
	- chg:	the install script template function P_AskDisk is additional
		able to	check for disks which contain a named file instead
		only by volume name
	- chg:	the joypad emulation in kickemu 3.1 now supports a force
		option to disable the auto sensing of lowlevel.library
	- fix:	kickfs.s now properly supports reading and writing to the same
		file handle if IOCACHE is used
	- new:	support/detection of special HRTmon builtin WinUAE added
		(monitor must be entered one time before WHDLoad can see it!)
	- fix:	when file for Preload/S was larger than the largest free
		memory block this could lead to an DOS error #205 after all
		remaining files have been preloaded, this bug has been
		introduced in version 16.9, issue #2154
	- chg:	on option NoResInt/S WHDLoad checks and terminates if blitter
		is active on entering via a resload function
	- chg:	trap hook now checks if vector is odd and aborts then
	- chg:	if option NoMMU/S is active WHDLoad now more correctly checks
		the actual MMU setup and warns about translations of 0..3000
	- chg:	amount of disassembled code lines increased (Psygore)
	- fix:	output for disassembling of some instructions were corrected
		by Psygore, (moveq #-x; cmp/add/and/move/bset/bchg/... #$nnxx;
		bitfield with offset 0)
	- fix:	crashes on M-Tec 630 boards without FPU fitted caused by the
		FPU detection inside WHDLoad fixed, board causes 'coprocessor
		protocol violation's instead of 'line-f emulator', thanks to
		Die BORG for lending the hardware
	- chg:	there are separate Resload versions for 00-20/30/40/60 now,
		which enlarges the WHDLoad executable but saves memory at
		runtime (overlayed)
	- new:	progress bar for Preload/S operation added, WHDLoad will
		remember PreloadSize/S itself as ToolType if started from the
	- fix:	cache clear in MMU configuration routine added, should fix
		problems with issue #2094 and issue #2182 (Psygore)
	- new:	dutch translation of documentation, thanks to Harold van der
	- chg:	resload_Relocate now accepts upto 512 hunks (Don Adan)
	- chg:	emulation of 'move sr,ea' in usermode on 68010+ is now also
		working if flag WHDLF_EmulPriv is active, this fixes problems
		with RoadwarsArcadia and FastBreakArcadia
	- chg:	support for Cloantos AmigaForever 2011 kickstart 1.2 and
		3.1-a500/a1200 roms added (Jan Zahurancik)
	- new:	WHDLoad supports the compression file formats of CrunchMania
		with the resload functions resload_Decrunch and resload_Load-
		FileDecrunch (Psygore)
	- chg:	the way WHDLoad checks for keyboard strokes (QuitKey,
		FreezeKey, ...) has been slightly modified, in earlier
		versions it has checked for keydown strokes, now it only
		reacts on keyup events; if the Slave checks itself for
		keyboard events	the installed program may still quit on
	- chg:	the ws_keydebug entry in the Slave structure is now ignored,
		the debug key must be explictly set via arguments
	- fix:	it's now possible to use QuitKey/DebugKey=0 (Psygore)
	- chg:	as long as the splash window is open pressing Esc will break
		the Preload/S process and quit WHDLoad
	- chg:	pressing Space/Return/Enter will close the splash window and
		start the installed program immediate after completion of
	- new:	in Expert/S mode the splash window now contains some buttons
		to switch debugging related options of WHDLoad which gets
		saved/deleted in the icon if started from the Workbench
	- new:	the Slave structure has been extended to allow configuration
		of buttons to be displayed on the splash window to control
		the ButtonWait/S and Custom1-5/K/N options
		to be able to configure	existing Slaves the option Config/K
		has been added
	- new:	using the option ConfigDelay/K/N the time can be specified
		howlong the splash window is displayed if there are buttons
		on it (Config/Expert)
	- chg:	if SplashDelay/K/N is -1 a start button is added to the splash
		window and the window remains open until pressed
	- chg:	the kickstart images will be searched also in the alternative
		path WHDCOMMON: (M.C.Battilana)

	68040 MMU code is incomplete in this release because being reworked
	to support full MMU features, resload_Protect should work but Snoop
	will lock the machine

***  16.9 (05.02.2009)
	- chg:	BLITWAIT macro in whdmacros.i adapted for better speed, thanks
		to John Girvin for research and testing
	- fix:	problems with writing to disks with around a multiple of 4 GB
		free space fixed (Ingo Schmitz)
	- fix:	resload_Decrunch/LoadFileDecrunch could corrupt vital memory
		which could lead to strange WHDLoad errors (e.g. "Function ...
		requires slave version 1"), reported for game Universe, thanks
		to KillerGorilla for report and Psygore for diagnostics;
		the old RNC1 format is now properly supported for overlapping
		source and destination
	- new:	on ChkBltSize/S some basic initialization in blitter line mode
		are checked too (68060 only)
	- new:	option FullChip/S to save/restore the full chip memory instead
		only the area specified in the Slave
	- new:	finnish translation of documentation, thanks to Mikko Heinonen
	- chg:	cpu detection routine reworked to correctly detect an 68020 on
		boards with 'FPU logic error', 68851 and 68040/60 FPU
		detection improved
	- new:	workaround added to make WHDLoad running on the CDTV, the
		cdtv.device will be disabled to avoid problems with interrupts
		generated by this, thanks to jtorrance and Toni Wilen
	- new:	commands BKPT and BELL added to resload_Patch/Seg to set a
		breakpoint (enter freezer) and show a visual bell
	- chg:	handling of the internal directory cache for resload_Examine/
		ExNext changed, so that new created files will not be the
		first entry in the directory
		this fixes problems with programs which do not correctly
		perform a Examine before each directory scan, e.g. Castles2
	- chg:	some more info output and better lace support with SP (saving
	- chg:	check for free stack space on entering WHDLoad via resload/
		interrupt/exception made more consistent
	- chg:	many changes on WHDLoadGCI, can export Slave/Memory now
	- new:	danish translation of documentation, thanks to Nicolai
	- new:	macro PL_NOPS added to whdload.i (bippym)
	- chg:	improved error messages if loading kickstart fails
	- chg:	changed CPU detection to avoid problems with weired MMU
		configuration, no longer uses transparent translation to avoid
		Enforcer hits (Fabio Cinus)
	- chg:	its no longer possible to load files from outside the data
		directory, that means that file specs containg a ':' or '//'
		or starting/ending with a '/' are prohibited, these files were
		anyway never Preload-able
	- new:	support for multiple data directories added
	- new:	options SavePath/K and SaveDir/K added to let WHDLoad redirect
		all write operations to a different disk location
	- new:	WHDLoad now remembers if Preload/S has loaded all files and
		then doesn't switch when a resload function tries to load a
		non existing file (e.g. resload_GetFileSize)
	- chg:	resload_ListFiles now supports a buffer in ExpMem too (JOTD)
	- chg:	autodocs revised, html transformation added

***  16.8 (19.08.2007)
	- fix:	the requester displayed when audio.device is already used
		defaults to 'ignore' now, so it works in combination with
		option NoReq/S (Horace)
	- fix:	the online help displayed when WHDLoad is called from the CLI
		without arguments has been fixed for the options Cache/S and
		DCache/S (Hexaae)
	- fix:	CLI args fixed to fault on too many arguments (Psygore)
	- chg:	the install template supports installing from disk images via
		diskimage.device, trackwarp.library and capsimage.device
	- chg:	kick31.s supports also the kickstart image from the A500/A600/
		A2000, with that it is possible to make Slaves using kick31
		which are compatible to a 68000 CPU (Don Adan)
	- new:	WHDLoad itself disables the interrupts of Mediator boards now
		while running the installed program, this should solve
		problems like freezing and gfx/sound distortion on these
		boards, thanks to John Girvin and Elbox for providing the
	- chg:	WHDLoad now avoids opening the WorkBench screen after exiting,
		older versions have always opened the WB if no other screen
		was left open, requires at least v39
	- new:	WHDLoad now shows the task name on exceptions if there was a
		working amigaos running, it also shows segment name and offset
		if SegTracker was running (inside emulation of course)
	- new:	option NoMemReverse/S added to the global configuration (Ralf
	- new:	catalan translation of documentation, thanks to Manel Beltran
	- new:	its now possible to use special rawkeys for the QuitKey/K/N
		option to let WHDLoad quit from a button press on the mouse/
	- chg:	some changes to the kickemu, check history therein

***  16.7 (16.11.2006)
	- fix:	the Snoop check for custom.bplpt's against BaseMem bounds was
		broken on word writes on the 68030 (DJMike)
	- fix:	resload_LoadFile and resload_LoadFileDecrunch has silently not
		loaded data without Preload/S, bug introduced in v16.6 (Bored
	- new:	option NoResInt/S add, which disables any interrupts during
		execution of resload functions
	- chg:	if the Slave requires AGA and that is not yet enabled in
		graphics.library WHDLoad calls SetChipRev to enable it, this
		obsoletes the execution of SetPatch prior to WHDLoad
	- new:	WHDLoadCD32 a special WHDLoad version to be used on the CDł˛,
		check documentation for more info
	- chg:	registration fee in USD adapted due currency differences, EUR
		and GBP unchanged
	- chg:	various enhancements on the install template

***  16.6 (05.06.2006)
	- fix:	no more enforcer hits (byte read from adr 0) on directory
		cache preload on FFS filesystems (Christian)
	- upd:	italian documentation is in sync again, thanks David Bergantin
		for updating it
	- upd:	small enhancement for HRTmon to print out expmem boundaries
	- fix:	no longer complains about missing ENV: assign
	- fix:	bus/address error messages on 68000 corrected
	- fix:	the message returned on interrupted resload functions did have
		the same name for both functions, this has been corrected
	- chg:	argument checking for resload functions improved, now the
		current stack can not be overwritten by resload functions
		(size of reserved stack space is 64 bytes)
	- new:	command GA added to resload_Patch/Seg to get a address and
		store it inside a variable in the slave
	- fix:	modify at ExpMem via resload_Patch works again, was permitted
		in version 16.5
	- chg:	kickemu improved, compiles with PhxAss and AsmOne again, new
		switch NO68020 for kick31.s to get 68000 compatible code,
		patches to the kickstart added to avoid overwriting the vector
		table, this allows WHDLoad to catch exceptions also on 68000
		(Don Adan)
	- new:	greek translation of documentation, thanks to Dimitris
		Panokostas of ATO

***  16.5 (15.12.2005)
	- new:	check for CyberGraphX/56KHZAUDIO added (David Roeskamm)
	- new:	commands PL_ORB/W/L added for patch lists (Psygore)
	- chg:	if XPK decompression fails during Preload/S WHDLoad shows the
		missing sublib name too
	- fix:	kickemu correctly updates IO_ACTUAL on trackdisk accesses
	- chg:	russian translation reworked (Manbiker)
	- new:	display promotion added to kick31emu, with that WHDLoad
		options	DblPAL and DblNTSC become working in conjunction with
		installed games using kick31 emulation and supporting it
	- fix:	stackcheck modified to avoid complaining if first long word of
		stack is trashed (e.g. when using WarpOS-XPK-Sublib and
		running	from Workbench)
	- chg:	bubble help for bplcon* registers added to WHDLoadGCI
	- fix:	improved startup code for kickemu and _bootdos in kick13.asm
	- fix:	disassembler for negative absolut word addressing fixed
	- chg:	improved error messages on resload_Patch(Seg)
	- new:	slovak translation added, thanks to Jan Zahurancik and Martin
	- new:	ukrain translation added, thanks to Andrey Molchanov
	- chg:	improvement on resload_ProtectSMC, instructions modifying the
		sr no longer break the SMC check, autodocs fixed, disabling
		trace is no longer required with SMC check (JOTD)
	- chg:	text explanation added to register dump for attnflags and
	- chg:	Snoop on 68060 now allows change of bit #6/7 of ciaa.ddra
		which is used on accessing/detecting joypad
	- new:	if WHDLoad is started without an slave argument from the CLI
		it shows a short help for all options and some raw key codes
	- chg:	improved speed on preload for resload_Examine, now uses
		dos.ExAll and memory pools (when running on v39+)
	- chg:	kick31emu got a new option called JOYPADEMU, formerly included
		in INIT_LOWLEVEL now separated to support GetLanguage without
		joypad emulation, also the joypademu has been improved, now
		the keys used are user configurable using the Custom option
	- chg:	options ExecuteStartup and ExecuteCleanup are now local and
		global useable (Ralf Stützer)
	- chg:	file Preload/S improved, uses now dos.ExAll, memory pools (if
		running under v39+ and more than 4MB free fast available),
		asynchronous decrunching of XPK files
	- new:	supports also the kickstart images supplied with Cloantos
		Amiga Forever CDs, kick130.rom or amiga-os-130.rom must be
		renamed to kick34005.A500, kick310.rom or amiga-os-310.rom
		renamed to kick40068.A4000, images together with the rom.key
		must be	installed under DEVS:Kickstarts, some older installs
		require a kick40068.A1200 image these installs wont run with
		Cloantos roms
	- new:	norwegian translation added which is not complete but better
		than none, thanks to Herman Andresen

***  16.4 (26.11.2004)
	- fix:	wrong offsets in resload_Relocate when used with WHDLTAG_ALIGN
		and WHDLTAG_LOADSEG (Psygore)
	- new:	using QuitKey=$73 an installed program can be quit using the
		Left Mouse Button (Povl Odgaard)
	- fix:	TrapV emulation did not work on 68010 (Mats Johansson)
	- new:	on WHDLTAG_CBAF on the 68060 A2 provides now the contents of
		the registers D0-A6 for further diagnostics
	- new:	kickfs.s checks if startup-sequence exist if BOOTDOS is not
		used (JOTD)
	- chg:	install templates merged into one template, reworked and
		enhanced (Codetapper)
	- new:	minor enhancement on the resource support files regarding
	- fix:	incorrect return/dump values (type of exception) when
		interrupt vector is not initialized and taken
	- new:	added _keyexit/debug to kick12.s and kick13.s
	- fix:	internal sr handling corrected
	- chg:	kickfs.s returns proper IoErr on dos.Read also on success
	- fix:	possible read accesses outside the packed data on RNC1 and
		resload_Decrunch/LoadFileDecrunch fixed, these could cause
		Access Faults when decrunching data at start of ExpMem (JOTD)

***  16.3.1 (21.07.2004)
	- fix:	install script wasn't executable due a bad comment line
		(thanks	to Seppo Seppala)

***  16.3 (28.06.2004)
	- chg:	kickfs.s: ACTION_CREATE_DIR returns ERROR_OBJECT_EXISTS if
		directory already exists (JOTD)
	- chg:	kick31.s: lowlevel.library loading and joypad emulation
	- chg:	copperlist scanner is also triggered by word writes on coplc
		registers (JOTD)
	- chg:	whdload.prefs is automatically installed by the install
		script (Codetapper)
	- fix:	some possible Address Errors with resload_Patch* on cpu<68020
		fixed (Mats)
	- chg:	command PL_S for resload_Patch/Seg allows also negative
	- new:	many enhancements on WHDLoadGCI, better HexEdit includes jump
		to specified address, bubble help for various Custom
		registers, cia window added
	- chg:	resload_Delay checks keyboard too
	- chg:	resload_Relocate support for missing HUNK_END's added, e.g.
		"Crunch 1.3 Seg" files (Psygore)
	- new:	new tag for resload_Relocate to create segment lists, which
		can be processed later using resload_PatchSeg (Psygore)
	- chg:	minor improvements on DIC
	- chg:	RawDIC 2.0 supplied but to unsure stableness only in the
		developer archive in Extra/

***  16.2 (07.04.2004)
	- new:	ReSource support files for RawDIC Slaves added
	- fix:	WHDLoad works again on 68000 (Gregory Mason)
	- fix:	install templates improved, work around for InstallerNG which
		displays an error on (getassign "DF0" "d") when no disk is
		inserted and so makes it impossible to check for the presense
		of devices
	- fix:	whole HTML documentation validated and fixed by Micheal Ofner
		(very big thanks!)

***  16.1 (08.12.2003)
	- fix:	resload_Patch with PL_DATA did not work correctly
	- chg:	some error messages improved
	- chg:	stack enlargement and stack usage check (re)added
	- chg:	disassembler output improved
	- new:	support for another ThrillKill version added (BEN)
	- new:	limited support for WHDLTAG_CBAF_SET on 68060 added, see
		autodocs for details
	- new:	option NoReq/S can be used from CLI/Shell to output error
		messages to the command window instead of showing requesters
	- chg:	WHDLoad exits now with more useful return codes
	- fix:	EmulTrap did not work for trap #15 since WHDLoad v16.0 (JOTD)
	- chg:	improved pen handling for splash and register window (Michael
	- fix:	resload_ProtectSMC was broken in v16.0 now works again
	- chg:	access fault handler for 68030/68060 partial rewritten, some
		bugs fixed, resload_Protect in ExpMem fully supported now,
		overall more reliable and sometimes a bit faster
	- fix:	EmulLineF now works with all frame types (JOTD)
	- new:	install templates improved, remember install source drive and
		check drive availibility for DIC, RawDIC and Patcher template
	- chg:	option SplashDelay/N can also be local set
	- new:	ReSource support files for Patcher Slaves added
	- fix:	command PL_PSS for resload_Patch fixed (did JMP+NOP instead
	- chg:	with Snoop* the copperlist scanner identifies CEND with
		horizontal position > 112 now
	- fix:	small bug in The Patcher fixed
	- new:	WHDLoad supports multiple Kickstart images with the new slave
		structure introduced in v16.0, the kick31.s has been adapted
		to support the 40.068 from the A1200 and the one from A4000,
		WHDLoad checks for both images and uses the one present
	- new:	italian manual translation added, thanks to David "Berga"
	- fix:	program CRC16 rewritten because old one created wrong sums
		for files larger then 64KB
	- new:	QualityAssurance.Slave included
	- fix:	keyboard acknowledgment for kickemu 1.2 and 1.3 fixed
	- new:	hungarian manual translation added, thanks to Márton Dósa

***  16.0 (04.08.2003)
	- fix:	restart when option Data/K is used works
	- new:	tries to expunge x-surf.device to avoid INT2 lockups (going
		offline does not remove the interrupt server, you can check
		with scout/interrupts), maybe this should be done for other
		drivers too...
	- new:	option ChkInts/S to detect interrupts without respective bits
		set in custom.intreq and custom.intena, this will allow easier
		fix for interrupt acknoledge problems on fast machines and
		bad hardware creating interrupts
	- new:	polish translation of the manual added, thanks to Mariusz
		Danilewicz, Kamil Niescioruk and Sebastian Rosa for
	- new:	russian translation of the manual added, thanks to Agressor
		for translating
	- new:	slave flag EmulDivZero to support such exceptions in the
		installed program (Galahad)
	- chg:	misc improvements on the kickemu
	- fix:	possible problems with drive inhibit in DIC fixed (JOTD)
	- new:	various new commands for patchlists to add values, write byte
		streams and using sublists
	- chg:	if there is whether in the slave nor via an option a QuitKey
		specified F10 is used as a default (Codetapper)
	- new:	if an errors occurs and Expert/S is active an additional
		button appears in the error requester which allows the display
		of the registers like in the register dump but without
		creating one, the program to display can be configured in the
		global configuration file using the new option ShowRegs/K
	- chg:	minor changes on WHDLoadGCI, direct link from a register to a
		memory window, no longer needs ixemul.library
	- chg:	WHDLoad now detects a modified vbr when called via resload
		from supervisor state, when called from user state it crashes
		as in previous versions because it cannot enter the supervisor
		state (JOTD)
	- chg:	if the slave version is greater or equal 16 then the trap #15
		will not be emulated (WHDLF_EmulTrap not set) anymore, this
		was a bug in older versions but the osemu depends on it
	- new:	spanish translation of the manual added, thanks to Miguel
	- chg:	reworked czech translation by David Malecek
	- new:	slave flag EmulIllegal to support such exceptions in the
		installed program (Michael Griffin)
	- fix:	preload for resload_Examine made more robust
	- new:	disassembler output in the register dump
	- new:	extented slave structure for early load of kickstart images
		and avoid one switch to the os
	- chg:	there is a new tag for resload_DiskLoadDev to specify the
		trackdisk unit to read from

***  15.2 (10.04.2003)
	- new:	option ChkCopCon/S to find accesses which enable copper access
		to DMA registers (JOTD)
	- new:	option Data/K to specify a directory where data for installed
		program are stored, overwrites ws_CurrentDir contained in the
	- fix:	function resload_SetCPU no longer clears the setup from
		resload_Protect* (JOTD)
	- new:	support for another ThrillKill version added (BEN)
	- new:	options ExpChip/S, ExpLocal/S and Exp24Bit/S to force WHDLoad
		to allocate ExpMem with the specified properties, useful to
		degrade performance on fast machines for compatibility reasons
	- chg:	many changes on kickemu sources, kick31.s made conform to the
		12/13 sources
	- chg:	resload_Delay made more robust, fixes hangs in conjunction
		with Mroocheck device/driver
	- fix:	Access Fault message for 68040 corrected (JOTD)
	- new:	Macros and UserSymbols to use with ReSource added
	- new:	smail address!

***  15.1 (20.08.2002)
	- new:	many improvements on the install templates: opens installed
		directory as wb window (OS3.5), visual icon selection (OS3.5),
		more flexible icon handling, subdirectory for DIC install
	- chg:	SP can also save Interlace pictures now (Psygore)
	- chg:	works on AmigaXL now, WHDLoad will detect an AmigaXL and
		assume an 68020 CPU (in difference to the faked 68040)
	- chg:	there is no longer a default for FreezeKey/N
	- chg:	keyboard handling changed a bit to avoid problems with some
		broken UAE versions (JOTD)
	- chg:	when Snoop*/S is used bytes writes to audvol registers will
		again result in an access fault, byte writes to audvol+1 are
		ok (Psygore)
	- chg:	files caching optimized when small and large files are used
		and there isn't enough memory for the big ones (JOTD)
	- fix:	loading data from a preloaded file using a resload function to
		the vector table area ($64..$7c) works now without trashed
		data (René Gennes)
	- new:	SnoopAGA/ECS/OCS validates also writes to bplpt's (Psygore)
	- new:	czech (big thanks to Bored Seal), french (big thanks to JOTD
		& Psygore) and german (Wepl/Susann) translation of the
		documentation added
	- new:	tag for resload_Relocate called WHDLTAG_ALIGN added, to round
		up hunk lengths to a given boundary (Psygore)

***  15.0 (19.02.2002)
	- fix:	install script templates improved: environment variable for
		installation directory copied to ENVARC: to survive reboot;
		'Abort Installation' during choice of installation directory
		no longer gives an error message (Codetapper)
	- fix:	bug in copperlist scanner on 68030 with bplcon2 fixed
	- chg:	no more lockups caused by invisible 'Insert Volume XXX:'
		(many thanks to JOTD)
	- new:	OpenDrawer (OS3.9) added to the install templates (JOTD)
	- new:	commands C, CB, CW and CL to use with resload_Patch
	- new:	function resload_PatchSeg, resload_Examine, resload_ExNext
	- new:	new flag WHDLF_Examine, required to use resload_Examine and
	- fix:	resload_LoadKick also supports 512k images (JOTD)
	- chg:	kick1.3 emu finished
	- chg:	intelligent icon detection and choice added to the install
	- chg:	SP reads S:WHDLoad.prefs to find the coredump file
	- new:	option Custom and function resload_GetCustom to forward a
		string from the CommandLine/WorkBench to the Slave (Philippe

***  14.5 (23.09.2001)
	- chg:	options NTSC/S and PAL/S can also be set global now
	- new:	SnoopOCS/S check also that no ECS/AGA bits will be set in
		bplcon2 (Psygore)
	- new:	option RestartKey/N added
	- chg:	stack check removed
	- chg:	install templates improved: better tooltype handling, install
		script will remember the installation directory in an
		environment variable and use it as default the next time

***  14.4 (30.07.2001)
	- fix:	resload_Relocate again corrected, it should work 100% reliable
		now and is also a bit faster under some conditions ;)
	- fix:	ChkBltWait on 68060 has wrongly assumed a write to bltsize on
		movem accesses to addresses > bltsize, that has caused wrong
	- fix:	XPK detection did not work in resload_DiskLoad/LoadFileOffset,
		caused problems without Preload/S
	- fix:	symbol hunks in resload_Relocate fixed (Codetapper)
	- new:	resload_ListFiles added to FileLog/S (Jeff)
	- new:	now FileLog/S logs the CRC16 for all read/write operations,
		that may be useful especially for developers to detect on bug
		reports different data by requesting a FileLog from the

***  14.3 (02.06.2001)
	- fix:	without Preload/S LoadFileOffset/DiskLoad returning error
	- fix:	LoadFileOffset/DiskLoad was returning wrong result on failure
		and WHDLF_NoError wasn't set (Jeff)
	- fix:	now resload_*Load* functions can load files larger than
		2.091.108 bytes (MrLarmer)
	- new:	option NoFlushMem/S added to avoid memory flush at WHDLoad
	- fix:	TDREASON_OSEMUFAIL works again (Jeff)
	- fix:	bug in resload_Relocate removed (MrLarmer)

***  14.2 (06.05.2001)
	- fix:	bugs in some loading resload functions removed which could
		WHDLoad v14.1 cause to crash under some conditions
	- chg:	resload_GetFileSize(Dec) added to the FileLog/S feature
	- fix:	resload_SaveFileOffset has written bad size if file wasn't
		preloaded in WHDLoad v14.1, that may corrupt existing
		images/game files! (thanks to Codetapper for report)

***  14.1 (29.04.2001)
	- chg:	$dff1fe (noop) is also a valid writeable custom register now
	- new:	SP correctly rips EHB pictures now (MrLarmer)
	- fix:	problems with some third party keybords after exiting WHDLoad
	- new:	option TimeOut/N let WHDLoad / installed program quit after a
		specified time, requires cooperation of the installed program
		(untouched ciaa.ciatod)
	- fix:	problems with resload_Abort and DOS-Errors fixed (Jeff)
	- new:	TDREASON_FAILMSG to quit using a self defined message
	- new:	all write operations will now be cached in memory if possible
		to omit unnecessary switches to the OS, require that the file
		to write to is already in the file cache, to avoid this
		behavior the option NoWriteCache/S has been added, to
		completely disable this feature the option can also set in the
		global configuration file
	- new:	all data files can be compressed using XPK now, files will be
		decompressed on Preload/S, there must be enough free store to
		cache XPK files otherwise WHDLoad will quit, files can be
		compressed/encrypted multiple times, decrypting requires
		reqtools.library v38
	- chg:	differences in Snoop regarding ciab.prb between 68030 and
		68060 removed, checks for MTR/SEL/STEP on both cpu's now
	- new:	resload_Relocate is able to move hunks with property MEMF_CHIP
		or MEMF_FAST to a different memory location

***  14.0 (15.03.2001)
	- fix:	bug in Snoop* mode fixed, thanks to Codetapper for report!
		(the msw of D2 was trashed during copperlist-scanner, e.g.
		writing to cop1lc/cop2lc/dmacon)
	- chg:	link/unlk/pea has been added to the IST (Mr.Larmer)
	- chg:	more useful output on Speed.Slave if MMU is unavailable
	- new:	tag WHDLTAG_LANG_GET to use with resload_Control to get
		the current language set in the system, uses and requires
		lowlevel.library to be installed
	- chg:	WHDLoad no longer tries to write to read-only filesystems, so
		games can be played also from cdrom when they will usual save
		highscores or similar data
	- chg:	install templates prepared for high-scores file, WHDLoad stack
		increased (Codetapper)
	- fix:	detection of UAE (AttnFlags) works now
	- new:	commands PA and NOP added for resload_Patch (Codetapper)
	- chg:	tool SP to save pictures from dump files: copper disassembler
		can be interrupted using Ctrl-C, will stop at copstop and
		better error handling (Codetapper/Frank)
	- chg:	my snail mail address has changed

***  13.1 (05.01.2001)
	- fix:	icon handling in the installer templates improved
	- chg:	emulation of unsupported integer instruction on 68060 supports
		all variations of 64-bit mul/div except addressing modes using
		full extension word (memory indirect/base displacement)
	- fix:	problems with Snoop exceptions during Switch fixed (copper
		list scanner could lock WHDLoad on return from OS to installed
	- chg:	WHDInfo 1.20 by Codetapper included in the developer package
	- fix:	better compatibility on Kickstart 2.0, no longer freezes the
		Workbench after exiting WHDLoad, the reason was cia.alarm
		values, because I don't know how to restore them to the
		original values WHDLoad no loger touches them, that means
		also there are no defined start values on entering the
		installed program anymore and there may be too problems on
		Kickstart 2.0 if the installed program writes the cia.alarm
		values (probably less than 5% of all games)

***  13.0 (21.12.2000)
	- fix:	debug key handling fixed (was broken when Expert was used in
		global config and no debug key was specified and the Slave has
		used a default of 0) (Jeff)
	- fix:	autodoc - mistakes regarding KEYTRANS and resload_GetFileSize
		corrected (Codetapper)
	- fix:	bug in WHDLoad 12.0 fixed when using NoMMU/S and memory
		0..$1000 is remapped to Fast memory, WHDLoad has always quit
		independend of the selected button
	- fix:	bug removed in resload_Patch and command Skip when using a
		distance of 2
	- fix:	splash window background fixed for 16/24-bit screens
	- fix:	no longer 'illegal args' when using resload_SaveFile with
		address=0 and size=0 (Harry)
	- chg:	cpu cache handling reworked; new options ChipNoCache/S,
		BranchCache/S, SuperScalar/S and StoreBuffer/S; options can no
		longer overwritten by resload functions, new chapter in the
		documentation regarding cpu cache handling
	- new:	flag WHDLF_ClearMem to cause WHDLoad to simply clear BaseMem
		and ExpMem instead of init them with $CCCCCCCC/$DDDDDDDD
	- fix:	Enforcer hits in keymap scan removed (Philippe Bovier)
	- chg:	now the color cycling screen during switch between OS and
		installed program will only displayed if option Expert/S is
		enabled (Psygore)
	- fix:	compatibility risk in EmulTrap removed
	- chg:	Snoop*/S features reworked:
		- fast Snoop/S mode added, read accesses will not be verified,
		  uses a bit faster routines on write accesses
		- special features can be activated separately, new Options
		  ChkBltWait/S, ChkBltSize/S, ChkBltHog/S, ChkColBst/S
		- special features can be enabled/disabled at runtime via
		- copperlistscanner implemented
		- ColBst check added
		- ChkBltWait uses instruction tracing now
		- ChkBltWait and ChkBltSize added
		- copperlistscanner improved
	- chg:	FileLog/S reworked, uses now internal buffer to store log
		entries and will write them to the logfile at program end
	- new:	option NoFileCache/S to disable the file cache
	- new:	internal stack check added
	- fix:	bug in resload_GetFileSizeDec fixed, did not work under some

***  12.0 (07.08.2000)
	- chg:	better exception handling on 68000
	- new:	flag WHDLF_EmulLineF to forward 'Line-F Emulator'
		exceptions to the handler of the installed program if the
		vbr is moved (requested by Bored Seal)
	- new:	tag WHDLTAG_KEYTRANS_GET to get a table for rawkey to ascii
		conversion reflecting the system keyboard configuration
		(requested by Codetapper)
		the sources:whdload/savegame.s has been adapted for that and
		it can be used as an example how to use this new feature
	- chg:	WHDLTAG_ATTNFLAGS_GET no longer returns AFF_68881 and
		AFF_68882 on 68040/68060 (Jeff)
	- chg:	DIC: retry bug on 'no disk in drive' fixed, new option 'NAME'
		added to specify a name for the image to create (Andreas
	- fix:	there could be an endless loop (including writing coredump) if
		a error requester could not be opened, this has been fixed
	- fix:	the texts contained in the install templates have been
		fixed for some spelling errors (thanks to Codetapper)
	- new:	some small improvements to SP
	- chg:	WHDLoad no longer terminates on Byte Writes to the audio
		volume registers when Snoop*/S is active, these accesses are
		invalid but used in many replayers and it should not be
		neccessary to fix them all

***  11.2 (04.06.2000)
	- fix:	the "CACR modified" check introduced in v11.0 was broken
		on 68020 machines, now it should work properly on all cpu's
	- chg:	some enhancements concerning WHDLoadGCI, reworked to compile
		with gcc/egcs instead sasc

***  11.1 (21.05.2000)
	- fix:	old RNC1 support in resload_Decrunch/LoadFileDecrunch fixed,
		was broken since version 10.4, now Moonstone works again
	- chg:	some minor changes in Snoop*/S on 68060

***  11.0 (16.04.2000)
	- chg:	resload_Decrunch/LoadFileDecrunch supports also the TPWM
		format now
	- new:	resload_Delta, resload_LoadKick, resload_GetFileSizeDec
	- new:	reworked access fault handler for the 68060, supports cia
		snooper, aga check and copperlist scan
	- chg:	many enhancements on WHDLoadGCI, multiple memory windows,
		bubble help, info window, termination reason
	- new:	new flags WHDLF_EmulChk and WHDLF_EmulPriv to forward
		'Chk,Chk2 Instruction' and 'Privilege Violation' exceptions to
		the handler of the installed program if the vbr is moved
	- new:	tag WHDLTAG_BPLCON0_GET to get the system bplcon0 from the
		gfxbase, warning: genlock is still not supported by WHDLoad!
	- new:	WHDLoad now checks on each call to a resload function if the
		CACR has been modified, on detection the installed program
		will terminated

***  10.6 (01.03.2000)
	- new:	when using Snoop*/S on 68060, accesses to custom register
		using the SSP in predecrement or postincrement address mode
		will detected and appropriate requester will be displayed,
		such accesses must be patched to make Snoop*/S working on
	- fix:	WHDLoad no longer quits if the SSP is equal to the end of
		ExpMem on calling a resload function
	- chg:	DIC can skip multiple tracks now

***  10.5 (23.01.2000)
	- chg:	DIC reworked, new option SKIPTRACK/K/N to one skip track (e.g.
		RN-Copylocks), new option PEDANTIC/S used in install scripts
		for better error handling
		documentation for DIC improved
		install script "DIC Install" improved
	- chg:	documentation and install scripts adapted for the new address
		of WHDLoad's WWW-Page (www.whdload.org)
	- chg:	the slave load routine has been improved, the slave may now
		contain symbol hunks and the length in the hunk header may
		differ from the length in the hunk itself
	- chg:	sources and includes reworked a bit, better support for
		different assemblers

***  10.4 (13.10.1999)
	- fix:	resload_SaveFileOffset was broken in 10.3, as a result some
		installs have crashed on saving games/highscores (thanks to
		MIcK for report)
	- fix:	WHDLoad no longer crashes if Snoop*/S will be enabled on
		68040 equipped machines (thanks to Joona Palaste for report)
	- fix:	detection of old rnc1 format improved, now Aladdin works again
		(thanks to Ungi for report)
	- chg:	dbffix.s and keyboard.s from the src/sources/whdload directory

***  10.3 (22.09.1999)
	- fix:	ws_CurrentDir in conjuction with slaves and ws_Version < 4 did
		not work in WHDLoad v10.2 (e.g. MegaLoMania installion slave,
		thanks to Ungi for report), now it works again
	- chg:	parts of the exception handlers rewritten, a detected Freezer
		will be also activated on Access Fault, Privilege Violation
		and Unimplemented Integer Instruction; that simplifies
	- chg:	WHDload is overlayed now, that saves some memory at runtime
		and shortens the executable
	- new:	emulation of CMP2 for 68060 added (e.g. Overkill/Mindscape,
		Roots/Sanity), emulation of movep and mul32 optimized for
		superscalar dispatch
	- chg:	if option SplashDelay is set to 0 no splash-window will be
	- chg:	docs reworked (thanks to Codetapper for doing that)
	- chg:	some other minor changes

***  10.2 (07.07.1999)
	- fix:	bug in cache handling removed, the cache was always off if
		MMU is not used by WHDLoad in versions 10.0 and 10.1 (Graham)
	- chg:	install template for RawDIC installes improved (Graham)
	- new:	partial mul64 emulation for 68060 added, supports only
		"muls.l dn,dn:dn" at the moment (used in Sanity-Roots)
	- fix:	quit key display in the splash window fixed (Graham)
	- chg:	extra memory (ws_ExpMem) can be specified as optional now,
		see autodoc for more info (Graham & John Girvin)
	- new:	program crc16 done by John Girvin added to the dev package

***  10.1 (20.06.1999)
	- fix:	bug in resload_SetCACR which makes it impossible to enable
		caches fixed, the bug has been introduced in version 10.0
	- fix:	some internal changes

***  10.0 (08.05.1999)
	- chg:	SP has got some new options
	- fix:	a bug in sources/whdload/stfix.s removed
	- chg:	resload_Relocate uses less stack now
	- new:	function resload_ProtectSMC to automically detect self
		modifying code (see autodoc)
	- new:	function resload_SetCPU to allow more accurate control over
		the cachebility of certain memory regions and to allow
		control over 68060 specific cpu configuration
	- chg:	option NoDCache has been removed (simplify cache management)
	- new:	function resload_Patch to handle patchlists, i'm wondering
		why this hasn't implemented earlier :), useful especially
		to patch stuff in expansion memory
	- fix:	whole decruncher stuff reworked, support for old rnc1-data
		format added, all decruncher a5/a6 save, optimized, less
		stack usage...
	- fix:	expansions memory (ws_ExpMem) is also aligned to $1000 if no
		MMU is available or MMU is unused by WHDLoad (Graham)
	- fix:	possible deadlock in the switch routine (OS<->Install)
		removed (Graham)
	- new:	information window on startup (while Preload/S) added, it
		shows infomations about the installed program, the Slave and
		the actual QuitKey, information about program and Slave are
		taken from an expanded Slave-structure (see include and
		autodoc	files), if a Slave with version prior 10 is used
		WHDLoad	displays only the name of the installed program which
		will be	build from the name of the Slave
		how long the information window is displayed can be changed
		with the new option SplashDelay/N
		(information window is inspirated by Mr.Larmer on 7.7.1998,
		nothing gets lost here :)
	- chg:	include file "whdload.i" splitted into "whdload.i" which
		contains WHDLoad base defines and "whdmacros.i" containing
		optional defines and macro definitions

***  9.2 (15.03.1999)
	- fix:	3 enforcer hits removed (Juergen Urbanek, Hubert Maier jun.),
		there are still some hits left to the vector table, but these
		are required for normal operation and cannot be removed
	- fix:	bug in decruncher for Imploder files fixed (Mr.Larmer),
		this bug was introduced in version 9.0
	- chg:	there are no longer distortions in gfx display and sound
		replay due disabled interrupts during loading from preloaded
		data (resload_LoadFile, LoadFileDecrunch, LoadFileOffset,
	- new:	option NoFilter/S to disable the audio filter, can be set
		globally using S:WHDLoad.prefs or locally using Tooltypes
		(Roderick Mouthaan)
	- new:	program RawDIC by Graham/Oxyrone to create images from non
		standard floppy disks formats, it replaces Patcher as prefered
		tool for this task
	- chg:	documentation reworked

***  9.1 (15.02.1999)
	- new:	WHDLTAG_TIME_GET to get actual date and time (Mr.Larmer)
	- fix:	problems with some 68030 systems fixed (WHDLoad uses some
		special hardware features in conjunction with the MMU
		related operations, some hardware does not support this
		(Apollo A630 and Magnum MK2 are known for this), on such
		systems you can't enable the MMU/S option - otherwise the
		machine will hang) (reported by Chris Thomas, Maxim Ilyn
		and Jess Sosnoski)

***  9.0 (17.01.1999)
	- chg:	performance of resload_LoadFileDecrunch improved
	- chg:	access fault handler for 68030 rewritten:
		 - better performance
		 - cia snooper implemented
		   - icm and alarm will be saved and dumped
		   - setting overlay bit (ciaa.pra) catched
		   - setting motor/step (ciab.prb) catched
		   - bad writes to ddra/ddrb catched
		 - blitsize check fixed, supports all except line-mode now
		   (ascending/descending mode, negative modulos, odd pointers
		   and odd modulos)
		 - a callback function can be setup (resload_Control) which
		   will called by WHDLoad if an Access Fault occurs, the
		   function can modify the bad access and decide if the
		   program should be continued or terminated, see autodoc for
		   further infos
	- fix:	potgo set to input mode now, fixes right mouse button problem
		with ArcherMcLeanPool and JimmyWhiteSnooker (Mr.Larmer)
		for usage with resload_Control to get the major and minor
		version number and the build number of WHDLoad currently
		running, the build number is granted to be uniq and can be
		used to distinguish between different sub versions (Mr.Larmer)
	- new:	pressing Ctrl-Amiga-Amiga will cause WHDLoad to quit,
		depending on machine speed this may avoid cold reboots due a
		not restored execbase (Graham)
	- fix:	Snoop works again on 68060, was broken in 8.2
	- chg:	the vector table is not write protected if Snoop on a 68060 is
	- new:	option ReadDelay/N to cause WHDLoad to wait some time between
		reading files from disk and switching the OS off (Jeff)
	- new:	flag WHDLF_EmulTrapV to forward exceptions to the zero page
		handler if the vbr is moved (Graham)

***  8.2 (19.12.1998)
	- chg:	the vector table (VBR) is write protected now, to catch
		invalid to accesses to it (Mr.Larmer), requires that the MMU
		is used by WHDLoad, NoVBRMove is not set and no freezer is
		detected by WHDLoad in memory
	- fix:	problems with PAL and NTSC in conjunction with Picasso 96
		monitor drivers fixed (Tim Kovack)

***  8.1 (13.12.1998)
	- chg:	detection of HRTmon 2.24 implemented
	- fix:	Access Fault in resload_Relocate removed
	- new:	some changes and enhancements for HRTmon 2.25
	- fix:	Snoop works again for 68030 machines (was broken in v8.0)
	- chg:	all unsaved registers after executing a resload function
		(D0-D1/A0-A1 as far as they don't contain a return code)
		will be destroyed explicit now, for compatibility reasons

***  8.0 (22.11.1998) not public released!
	- chg:	if the write offset for a resload_SaveFileOffset operation
		lies outside the current length of the file and therefore
		the file must be enlarged before writing, WHDLoad tries now to
		fill this area with $ee, if there is not enough memory
		available for this, WHDLoad falls back to the old style by
		using dos.SetFileSize(), with the result that the enlarged
		area will contain random data
	- fix:	deadlock in switch routine fixed which occured when lightpen
		has been activated (e.g. "Die Hard 2")
	- fix:	cia's will be completly initialized by WHDLoad now, and also
		better handled during switch
	- chg:	also disk images will be cached dynamically now
	- fix:	small bug in DIC removed (Mr.Larmer)
	- fix:	resload_LoadFileOffset accepts also parameters upto the
		BaseMem bound now (DarkAngel)
	- new:	flag WHDLF_NoKbd to allow NoVBRMove also for programs which
		doesn't check the keyboard from the PORTS ($68) interrupt
	- new:	function resload_Relocate to relocate an standard AmigaDOS
		executable in memory, beware: uses a lot of stack and is not
		tested with all hunk types, see autodoc for more details
	- new:	function resload_Delay to wait a specified time or a button
		to be pressed (time independed from PAL/NTSC display)
	- new:	slave can request expansion memory (fast memory) now
		ATTENTION: slave structure has been enlarged
	- new:	TDREASON_MUSTREG (DarkAngel)
	- new:	WHDLTAG_IOERR_GET for usage with resload_Control to check if
		all names have been fitted in resload_ListFiles and to
		distinguish a file with a size of 0 from an nonexistent file
		in resload_GetFileSize (Harry)
	- new:	option D/S for debuging, if enabled the software freezer
		(Hrt/TK) will be activated at the first instruction of the
	- new:	flag WHDLF_EmulLineA to emulate Line-A opcodes if the vbr is
	- new:	function resload_DeleteFile to delete files (Mr.Larmer)
	- new:	program SP which can save iff pictures from the new coredump
		files created by WHDLoad, works for most standard picture
		formats (Snoop* is required of course)
	- new:	sources for all programs except WHDLoad included, please note
		that most of them are copyrighted
	- chg:	many internal changes, also the problems with BloodMoney and
		CelticLegends seems to have been solved
	- fix:	Restart should work reliable now
	- fix:	small bug in ITD removed (Harry)

***  7.0 (01.07.1998)
	- chg:	new revision scheme, version number of WHDLoad is now equal to
		highest possible version number for a Slave, separate build
	- new:	new tag for resload_Control to setup a function to restore
		destroyed custom registers during switch between OS and
		installed program (Harry)
	- chg:	functions resload_LoadFileOffset, resload_SaveFile and
		resload_SaveFileOffset can be used with a filesize of zero now
	- chg:	the functions resload_Protect#? are checking now if the
		protected area matches the current SSP, if it does, WHDLoad
		will stop and show a requester "Unacceptible Arguments", this
		has been build in to reduce the likelihood of a Double Bus
		Fault, thanks to Mr.Larmer for reporting this problem
	- fix:	check of workbench arguments a bit more secure now
	- new:	new Slave flags WHDLF_Req68020 and WHDLF_ReqAGA, new
		WHDLTAG_CHIPREVBITS_GET for resload_Control, to handle
		programs which require a MC68020 or the AGA Chip Set (Mr.
	- new:	TDREASON_MUSTNTSC and TDREASON_MUSTPAL to terminate if the
		installed program requires a specific display which isn't
		enabled (Mr.Larmer)
	- chg:	Preload/S now collects also files from sub directories
	- chg:	example sources (slaves/imager) reworked to assemble with
		Asm-Pro v1.12 (still some problems with labels in macros,
		but this is a problem of AsmPro)
	- new:	support for additional NewIcon in Install Templates

	the following problems are known and still unsolved:
	 - no exit possible from BloodMoney/CelticLegends
	 - Nitro does hang with Preload/S enabled, use WHDLoad v0.608 or
	   disable Preload/S to go around this

***  1.92 (08.06.1998)
	- fix:	problem with Clown'o'mania (©1989 Starbyte) does not work with
		WHDLoad v1.1 has been fixed, the reason was a different
		initialized ciaa.icr.tb	bit, to fix this and future problems
		WHDLoad does init the CIA interrupt mask explicit now, all
		interrupts are disabled	except the CIAA SP interrupt (used for
		keyboard) which is enabled. I have tried some installs and it
		seems to work ok, anyway it is possible that some installs may
		no longer work because they may expect that some interrupts
		are already enabled on startup - these installs must be fixed
		for this new WHDLoad
	- new:	TDREASON_OSEMUFAIL to support the OS emulation module
	- chg:	the message for instruction stream access faults has been
		corrected (Harry)
	- new:	option Expert/S, this option must be enabled to make core
		dumps using the DebugKey/K/N now, the option has been added to
		avoid that normal users press the wrong key by mistake (Harry)
	- new:	options ExecuteStartup and ExecuteCleanup to execute a command
		at start and at end of WHDLoad

***  1.1 (25.05.1998)
	- fix:	stack usage on resload_Decrunch and resload_LoadFileDecrunch
		decreased, speed of RNC1 decrunching improved a lot, its a
		really a good idea to patch the decrunch routine in games
		with resload_Decrunch if it uses RNC1 !
	- new:	DIC can create partial images now (option SIZE/K)
	- new:	WHDLoad performs now a "SetClock LOAD" at exit
	- fix:	some minor fixes in the gfx degrading routine
	- fix:	disk-dma check in os-switch modified, it switches dma off now
		instead of showing the white-color-cycle-bug-screen
		(because it's nowhere documented else: red - copper cannot
		switched off, blue - ints cannot switched off, green - blitter
		is busy but dma is off; after pressing LMB WHDLoad continues
		but it's undefined what will happen)
	- new:	new program "ITD" (ImageToDisk) to write disk images back to
		floppy or RAD: can format the disk, can write partial images,
		no verify, see documentation for more info
	- fix:	problems with second copperlist on reactivating os graphics
	- new:	blitter wait check if SnoopOCS/ECS/AGA enabled
	- new:	if available whdload will use reqtools.library instead
		intuitions requesters now, because they are screen centered
		and have better keyboard support
	- new:	with SnoopOCS/ECS/AGA all cpu used custom registers will be
		dumped now
	- chg:	tooltypes NTSC/PAL will now affect the display init routine
		(Intuition.OpenScreen()) therefore you need the appropriate
		monitor files installed
	- new:	functions resload_Protect#? to snoop memory accesses in
		various	ways, very useful for developer... (requested by
	- new:	function resload_LoadFileOffset which is similar to
		resload_DiskLoad but for files
	- new:	flag WHDLF_NoDivZero for ws_Flags to prevent WHDLoad from exit
		if a "Division by Zero" exception occurs
	- chg:	all resload functions has been reworked to no longer modify
		registers a5 and a6, this solves problems with demos/games
		which expect that the contens of these registers are valid
		also in an interrupt, for example SWIV expects a5=global-data
		and a6=custom-base, the only exception from this rule are the
		functions resload_Decrunch and resload_LoadFileDecrunch when
		working on rnc packed files, in this case a5 is temporarly
		used (it is a bit hard to rewrite the whole decrunch
		routines and I'm low on time of course...)
		in general it is a good idea if the program you like to
		install does'nt work with WHDLoad to check the interrupt
		routines, if the interrupts make assuptions similar the above
		(e.g a4=anything) you have to disable the interrupts before
		calling any resload function and reenable after
	- chg:	WHDLoad checks now the current stackpointer each time the
		Slave calls a resload function, if the SP is lower than $180
		or outside the BaseMem area the program will be terminated and
		WHDLoad shows a requester about, this should avoid problems
		like destroyed vector tables or deadly double Access Faults
		in conjunction with an enabled Memory Protection
	- chg:	it is no longer required that SetPatch is executed before
		WHDLoad on 68040/68060 equipped machines because WHDLoad
		determinates the current CPU itself now
	- chg:	for 68060 only (68040 also??): the newer versions of
		68060.library (starting v41.1) does remap the memory $0-$1000
		(the first page) to a fast mem location using the MMU, this
		will make major problems if the	option NoMMU is activated: in
		this case WHDLoad will not change any MMU related registers
		and this address translation will remain intact !!!
		if the installed program tries to use this area for any dma
		actions (e.g. a copperlist in this area) the results will be
		unforeseeable, because the cpu will read/write the fast-mem
		location and dma's the real chip-mem which contains random
		data !!!
		I don't want to disable the NoMMU option for 68040/060
		machines, therefore the following has been changed: the
		longword at address $1000 does now contain the value -2 which
		is the copper instruction cend (was on address $300 in earlier
		WHDLoad versions), the minimum BaseMemSize has been increased
		to $2000. If NoMMU is selected and the above mentioned
		address translation is active an requester will inform the
		user about the existing problem.
	- new:	options ButtonWait/S and Custom1/K/N ... Custom5/K/N for
		slave specific things (requested by Harry)
	- chg:	WriteDelay/K/N does also affect the FileLog/S feature now,
		this means that after each write to the logfile WHDLoad will
		wait the time specified via WriteDelay/K/N to minimize the
		danger of filesystem corupption
	- chg:	install scripts has been reworked, PLEASE check them !
	- chg:	sources has been changed and new added, PLEASE check them !
	- chg:	WHDLoad is shareware now, read documention for more info

***  0.608 (03.09.1997)
	- new:	all configuration stuff rewritten, global config file
		see guide for more information
	- chg:	SURVIVERESET removed (obsolete I think)
	- new:	support for HRTmon 2.1 and ThrillKill 1.04 implemented
		(auto detect and NMI forwarding)
	- new:	function resload_Control to get the AttnFlags
	- fix:	enforcer hit in resload_SaveFile removed
	- new:	function resload_SaveFileOffset for partial writes
	- chg:	ws_DontCache works now also for preload of disk images
		file preload does no longer loads "(ReadMe|#?.(info|slave))"
		("Disk.#[0-9]" also not as before)
	- chg:	better support for NTSC amigas (Raymond Earle)
	- new:	option PAL/S to force PAL display on NTSC amigas
	- new:	options Cache/S,DCache/S,NoDCache/S to allow full user
		control over the caches
	- new:	using MMU for memory protection and cache management (!!!)
	- new:	Quit/Debug-key management through new options QuitKey/K/N and
		DebugKey/K/N, every new slave should support this via the
		slave version 4 extensions ws_keydebug and ws_keyexit,
		see one of the example slave sources for an example
	- chg:	on whdload is writing data (resload_SaveFile) it will do a
		special check for RAM: now, so it is possible to use RAM:
		as installation destination now
	- chg:	macros patch and patchs optimized
	- new:	more sources added to the package

***  0.322 (25.06.1997)
	- fix:	sometimes whdload has quit on random keystrokes if the vbr was
	- fix:	deadlock problems in OS-Swap routine
	- new:	option COREDUMP to make a dump even on TDREASON_OK

***  0.288 (16.06.1997)
	- fix:	sprite dma switching off
	- chg:	ws_ExecInstall can be set to zero now (disables SURVIVERESET)
	- new:	ws_keys, whdload manages quit key self (see autodoc)
	- new:	whdload handles all MMU stuff, result is that whdload is now
		Enforcer/Cyberguard and VMM proof
	- new:	** vbr shadowing ** (see autodoc)
		tooltype NOVBRMOVE added to disable that
	- new:	slave flag EmulTrap for ws_Flags
	- chg:	execbase changed from $ffff0000 to $f0000001
		(any use of this should create an "Address Error" exception)
	- chg:	Data Cache is always off and cannot be enabled via
	- fix:	resload_FlushCache fixed for 040/060
	- fix:	register dump changed a lot
	- new:	exitcode TDREASON_WRONGVER indicating a bad program version
	- chg:	all registers have now a defined value at startup
	- fix:	filelog output fixed for data writes
	- new:	Patcher, FindAccess, Cmp added to the package
		autodoc, include and guide updated
		Install templates added

***  0.163 (02.03.1997)
	- fix:	better handling of trackdisk.device, headpos is flashed always
	- new:	trackdisk errors as text instead numbers
	- new:	whdload option NOAUTOVEC (see whdload.guide)

***  0.147 (31.01.1997)
	- fix:	on slave load failed, we were in an endless loop
	- new:	function resload_CRC16 implemented

***  0.143 (07.01.1997)
	- fix:	restart point changed, that slave will be reloaded (static
	- new:	status of cia timers added to register dump
	- new:	cia timer handling improved
	- fix:	ISP/MSP highlighting on user-mode
	- chg:	file cache changed, resload_GetFileSize from cache,
		resload_SaveFile to cache, now ws_DontCache is nearly obsolete
	- chg:	Preload/S changed, caches now automatically diskimages and
		files, independent from WHDLF_Disk
	- fix:	resload_SaveFile checks now for disk validation and free space
		to avoid deadlocks
	- fix:	file loading from cache has always copied one byte to much
	- fix:	WRITEDELAY parsing on CLI-start
	- new:	resload_DiskLoadDev for install slaves (see autodoc)
	- chg:	better error detection on slave-whdload interface
	- chg:	Macros in whdload.i improved

***  0.88  (24.11.1996)
	- file logging implemented
	- register dump improved
	- dump file names changed (now PROGDIR:.whdl_#?)
	- on TDREASON_DEBUG sr and pc now taken from primary/secondary result
	- InstallBB added to the package

***  0.41  (05.09.1996)
	- first public release

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